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The last boss in Godhand. OMFG.

Damn, yes. That game is RELENTLESS.

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I chose Fate of Atlantis. Of all those games it's one I would replay right now. I love Indiana Jones and I remember the game being extremely interesting, with the different paths you could take and all, but I've forgotten most of the little details. In fact, I wanna play most old school adventure games, I think they hold up incredibly well mainly because of their story lines, which i think were way more developed than what we usually find nowadays.

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holy shit op, you're a pretentious cock.

hahahahah best reply in this thread so far. Honestly, IV was a step in the right direction in terms of story telling for Rockstar but still needs improvement. I hope they nail it for GTA V honestly. Less mindless shooting, more believable stories in videogames please!

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I hate Lana Del Rey. She's a complete joke, but I'm pretty sure people actually like her.

Not sure if trolling? That song is good man, or at least it is pretty far from being the worst song ever written.

edit: pretty surprised at the choices in this thread. To they guy who said Melt Banana, wtf?! I think that band is the shit. Anyways, shows how subjective music tastes are.

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It's crazy how sequels in video games are usually a good thing and often surpass the original, whereas in literature and cinema sequels tend to be worse.

To stay on the topic, I think Uncharted 2 surpassed the first one in every possible aspect and set the series on a whole new level. In fact, I think this series is comparable in quality to the Indiana Jones movies.

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I think games shouldn't have multiple endings. Most of the time there is only one good ending, if that.

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at the drive in, always. so much energy, much more than drive like jehu. actually im making that up, the truth is i could never get into drive like jehu and i dont really know why.

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Good keep it up. And keep this in mind, if you smoke one, you'll probably get addicted again in a matter of days. Speaking from experience here, stopped smoking for a year and then on a drunken night decided to have one "just for old times' sake" and ended up getting addicted again. Best of luck!

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Sign me up when they put Okami and Dragon Quest VIII on there.


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I thought I was never going to agree, but it does make some good points. Specially #2 as someone in this thread already pointed out. It is just SO right.