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What did you expect them to do? A new developer on a major franchise, I'd play it safe for the first game out the door too.

Do you have any good ideas on how they could change it up for the next game?

Not that I could give them new gameplay ideas, but I could give them suggestions. Such as taking risks with the gameplay formula, adding new elements to the original core Halo gameplay to freshen it up a bit, and just take it into a new direction.

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@WinterSnowblind: If you've re-read my OP, you'd know I didn't imply Halo isn't the only milked popular video game franchise. As I've stated before, Halo wasn't really milked to death until Halo 4's announcement. Even other franchise suffer from the same trend, it doesn't excuse them nor does it excuse Halo 4 given the amount of potential the series had. I probably would've forgiven it if the gameplay didn't look like total shit.

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@Marcsman: Very true. cod is the old cow not halo

Call of Duty isn't the old cow. It was the new Cow beaten to death.

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What did you expect it to be? If it won't play like Halo it wouldn't be Halo.

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I don't see how Halo will suffer the COD syndrome. They do not put out one every year like COD does.

Actually they do.

Remember how similar Resident Evil 4 to every Resident Evil game before it? I sure do.

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I don't see how Halo will suffer the COD syndrome. They do not put out one every year like COD does.

There's always the potential. It's possible that Halo 5 will be released next year.

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Let me make this clear, I'm by no means a "Halo hater" and neither am I an anti-mainstream hipster. I've thoroughly enjoyed each Halo game by Bungie, and it's a great series in my opinion. So allow me to say that I was interested in how 343 Industries would handle this series when I've heard they announced Halo 4. They were either going to overhaul the franchise and do something different with it, or they're just beating a dead horse. I was simultaneously worried and excited to see what they had in store for us. But upon witnessing the gameplay footage, my jaw dropped in utter dismay and disappointment.

The campaign footage not only looked exactly identical to prior Halo games, but nothing exciting or awe inducing was to be seen. Besides taking risks with the franchise, it seems they're just catering to the rabid Halo fanatics. Now all the Halo fanboys will dismiss my argument and say "b-b-b-b-but dere r new enemys and wepons!", that's no significant gameplay change. Expansion packs for first-person shooters from the 90s had done that before, and Halo 4 is no expansion pack but a standalone $60 sequel. Halo is now going to suffer from the Call of Duty syndrome, and Microsoft are basically milking every nook and cranny they could get out of this series.

This is rather unfortunate, because the series had great potential. The mindless and tasteless consumer will buy any crap, as long as it has the right name on it. If you complain that the series shouldn't change, then you're part of the problem why the current state of the gaming industry is stagnating and severely lacking it innovation.

EDIT: Allow me to clarify me point even further, I'm not implying Halo is the ONLY popular game franchise that suffers from this trend. However, it does not excuse Halo 4 for rehashing the exact gameplay formula and the gameplay footage was immensely dull.