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You can play as it updates.

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@aetheldod: That is a shame!! Well if you liked the AC game style at least. I think that Brotherhood is the 2nd or close tie to the best AC game. Missed a banger with that game. :D

As to annual games, i see nothing wrong with them. As long as they work on that balance of giving us new cool things, but yet keeping the same core of the game intact. Besides, the companies that are doing that right now are MASSIVE, so yeah a new one may come out every year, but the game was worked on for 2+ years.

We watch new seasons of tv shows every year. And that is more or less the same thing. New stories, same core of the show is there.

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@ntm: I have not noticed that. I always thought it could only really have 2 things going at any time. One game and One app. At least that's what i noticed.

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It has won awards for it looking good on a artistic level. And it moves very snappy. So no it is not.

Side note you can move your pins around.

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Im sure this was already talked about, but the main story is on the char. And he happens to be a man.

You ALWAYS play this guy. Even in multiplayer. You are him at all points. When others join your game they have other face, but to them they are still the main char.

On a other note, i read someplace that the person that said that was a not someone that talks to press that much. And believe it or not, it takes a bit of skill to be able to say everything the right way with out saying something dumb. So there is that.

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card and they email you a extra 5 buck code


Not a bad deal at all. Not sure how long the sale will be going. May just be for today.

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@devitiffany: does not look like there is a sex option. But long hair and looked like there's a lot of clothing choices. So umm...yes? Lol.

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And I am now super stoked to play this game. Ive always been big fans of the writing that the two do (seeing book of Mormon next month can not wait), but had my doubts about the humor they could being to the game. But man, if they can keep just a fraction of the writing they had in the 3 part, its going to be the funniest game in a long ass time. I'm sorta getting tired of the super serious tone games have been having as of late. Even bloody indi games are at that point.

So having a major game with talented writers at the helm that are specialist at humor...damn. A month can't pass any faster.

.....and I laughed out loud at the end with cartman doing his speech and then holding up a stick. I knew just where that was going. My girlfriend looked at me like I was crazy.