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After playing a few hours. I have not mashed a single button. Combat seems fine. (For added challenge I turned on friendly fire.)

Game is fun just running around in. So far.... The reviews are accurate. I do not see combat getting boring anytime soon. And the VA and writing is also fantastic.

If you want a RPG... This is a great one to be excited for.

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@corevi: ah. Never big on anime so that never hit me. Ok... It is more funny now lol.

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@civid: I warned people not to read it!!!!

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@corevi: That's it! Thanks. Why did they have to make me do the jerking off motion to gain health I'll never know....was probably just to make awkward situations happen!

And yeah I know. But they where developed for the Wii. Think the second Heroes went multi? Not sure but still. :)

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@hellbound: Madworld, The Hero game forget the name (still remember my family looking at me funny when I was getting more health in that game hahah), fatal frame, hell even Zelda Mask had adult themes. They do adult they also do games aimed at everyone. That is there bread and butter. But "adult" games still get made for systems they develop.

That and there is a huge chance they are changing some of the way they pick games made for them.

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@hellbound: Huh? I don't get it. Who would not like a good game? I don't get it. Nintendo systems have always had weird games on them.

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@corevi: Your post hurt my head on many fronts. Did you forget the horrible bro ads for ps4? Eww. Lol on top of that the game is not weird in a Japanese way, its weird in a SWERY way. And there is a huge difference.

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@metalbaofu: I can't see why anyone would not pick it up honestly. It's 15 bucks lol. And hell of a lot better then otgwe games of this type.... Yes I'm looking at walking dead.

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What ever you do....for your own sanity do not read the forums for gamestops review. Shudder.