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Oh my God.

R.I.P. Ryan :(

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@Lightningproof said:

Article about sexism on video game website.


All terrible.

Thanks for proving the point, awful white nerds.

Dude, please. Racism against white people and sexism against men are the two biggest civil rights issues of today.

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@JasonR86 said:

@CuervoJoe said:

Commenters: Please don't take this discussion where we all know you will.

Too late.

Yeah, I realized afterwards. Such a shame.

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Patrick: Thanks for the article, and bringing my attention to this hashtag.

Commenters: Please don't take this discussion where we all know you will.

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@nrh79: The first version of this article shall live forever in our hearts and minds.

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Spelunky is a wonderful game, and I implore everyone to play it.

It's pretty much a roguelike platformer, with wonderful shiny loot to collect, including gold, gems, and Raiders of the Lost Ark style idols. Tough, but excellent.

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GTA with hacking? Yes, I can get behind this.

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To be honest, I found Diablo 3 to be a bit mediocre. That's an opinion. I respect that loads of people love the game, it's just not for me. Rock Paper Shotgun can have an opinion contrary to the mainstream one. The site is a blog, not an online magazine, so it is just opinions.

They aren't trolling for traffic, they don't need to, they're bigger than Giant Bomb last time I checked, and the argument that they're trolling for traffic is just as bankrupt as the idea that Giant Bomb are trolling for traffic when they didn't give Skyward Sword the full 5 stars.

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I don't know whether to feel happy or depressed that I took one look at that pizza and thought: "I eat a pizza that size quite often."

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@mosdl said:

@phrali said:

what fucking planet do you live on?

Planet earth. You seem to be from planet troll.

Oh, thank you, you saved me from saying it.

Try reading what I say next time.

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