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Don't waste your time 0

Dead Money is a disappointing add-on for Fallout: New Vegas that shies away from what made the core game so enjoyable while simultaneously ignoring any lessons learned from Fallout 3's DLC.Like Fallout 3's Operation Anchorage, Dead Money sends the player to a new area, alone, with no way to return to the Mojave until the quest line is completed. All your equipment and items are taken from you as you begin, and Dead Money quickly turns into a series of frustrating and drawn-out fights against ene...

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Excellent, but more of the same 0

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is one of those games that forces you to think about the criteria for judging it.  Taken solely on it's own merits, it is a fantastic collection of great puzzles wrapped up in a charming presentation.  When you compare it to it's two predecessors, however, you have to wonder if the formula is becoming a bit tired.  The third Layton adventure again puts the player in the shoes of the puzzle-solving archaeologist and his eager young apprentice.  You'll navig...

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Underwhelming 0

I picked up Dark Void for $10, and I think I may have overpaid.  There's nothing inherently wrong with the game, but it's so underwhelming that it doesn't justify it's existence.  It's a pretty standard third-person cover-based shooter with some arcade dogfighting mixed in.  The dogfighting is actually pretty fun once you get used to the controls, but the shooting is bland an unrewarding.  Your guns, even when fully upgraded, feel underpowered, and you can run through most of the campaign on a...

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An Amazing Deal 0

Q:  How do you sculpt an elephant? A:  Easy, just carve away everything that doesn't look like an elephant.  Imagine taking that old adage and adapting the implied mechanic into a game. Picross 3D is a simple, but deep, logic/spatial reasoning puzzler that tasks you with chipping away unwanted bricks to reveal a hidden sculpture.  Numbers on the sides of a cube reveal how many blocks you need to remove; different marks let you know if the remaining blocks are grouped together or spaced into two,...

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O but a man's reach should exceed his grasp... 0

I really wanted to like this game.  Actually, liking it isn't the hard part.  Brutal Legend is an amazingly easy game to love; the setting, the music, the writing are all fantastic.  Unfortunately, it's not a particularly easy game to like to play.  As a hack-and-slash, it compares unfavorably to less conspicuous games like Mini Ninjas.  As a Real-Time Strategy game, it quite simply does not work.  For every genre it attempts, one can easily name five other games that have done it better.  This ...

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