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Good luck to everyone that is applying along with me!

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@blacklagoon: Sometimes the universe is just. Sometimes. This is one case where we are given a gift from the gods.

All Hail Monpiece!

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@bisonhero: Seriously, most of the game industry is a direct result of nepotism. Schools, businesses and other industries... everywhere. I draw the line with people who have no right being there in a job but this doesn't seem like one of those cases, at least not entirely. Community manager isn't a complicated job or requires a lot of experience (just common sense).

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I support the PlayStation Vita so whatever I think doesn't matter.

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Preferably nothing (I almost always go get it myself) but $3 depending on their speed and friendliness (and most importantly if they charge for delivery). My girlfriend usually gives $5 but I think she is CRAZY.

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Bad characters, overly-complicated weapon upgrade system, and a combat system that forces you to switch constantly? Can't see why anyone would dislike it. The game does look great, though.

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I don't buy t-shirts; whatever dumb swag shirts fit in my bag at E3 are basically what I live in.

Now if you excuse me, I have some deBlob 2 t-shirts to wear that are way to big for me.

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@bunnymud said:

P.S. Papers Please>>>Gone Homo

Uh... what?

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