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@blacklagoon: Sometimes the universe is just. Sometimes. This is one case where we are given a gift from the gods.

All Hail Monpiece!

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@bisonhero: Seriously, most of the game industry is a direct result of nepotism. Schools, businesses and other industries... everywhere. I draw the line with people who have no right being there in a job but this doesn't seem like one of those cases, at least not entirely. Community manager isn't a complicated job or requires a lot of experience (just common sense).

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I support the PlayStation Vita so whatever I think doesn't matter.

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Preferably nothing (I almost always go get it myself) but $3 depending on their speed and friendliness (and most importantly if they charge for delivery). My girlfriend usually gives $5 but I think she is CRAZY.

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Bad characters, overly-complicated weapon upgrade system, and a combat system that forces you to switch constantly? Can't see why anyone would dislike it. The game does look great, though.

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I don't buy t-shirts; whatever dumb swag shirts fit in my bag at E3 are basically what I live in.

Now if you excuse me, I have some deBlob 2 t-shirts to wear that are way to big for me.

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@bunnymud said:

P.S. Papers Please>>>Gone Homo

Uh... what?

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Prior to starting this response, l would like to again note that I like Patrick and think hes a good guy.

This same thing could have been said about any minority group, along with women, a majority that is still extremely discriminated against, however Patrick talking about this does in any way, shape, or form forward we transsexuals. What it does do is solidify in the mind of the ignorant that we are to be defended, rather than defending ourselves. If had let's say talked to a the reviewer in an interview, than that would completely change this. It is also the fact that it instills in the mind of younger trans people that they are victims of some sort, and that is what I worry about. To be trans it takes extremely thick skin, or else it will kill you. So promoting the idea that a trans person is a victim that needs to be taken care of could very well put in danger the life of someone who simply hasn't had the proper role model or helper in their life.

Unless you're going to argue something bizarre like the LGBTQQ[...] marches in single file to hide their numbers, I don't understand why combatting injustice needs to be this David versus Goliath fight. I've been a community ally for years and I simply don't like seeing the people that I love and care about get kicked around because they are different or because they are an easy target. Sure, making a joke is one thing and I've certainly made plenty over the years; however if you are going to say that all of the tasteless and bad jokes be left there hanging in the air so the targets of that aggression be left to deal with the cleanup, I think you are advocating for a foolhardy position to be in. You don't need to fight alone to prove anything to anyone; you have allies, whether you think their position is misguided or "putting you down" in some way, so deal with it.

As for having thick skin, I've always considered that a copout. I know a lot of people with thick skin who are one good conversation away from a complete breakdown. Being able to take what is thrown at you requires more flexibility than rigidity, and even then you need a strong support system (and that goes for anyone from every walk of life).