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I need to know, this keeps me up every night. What do you think?

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Hell yeah! This is awesome!

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@gaff: Thanks! I know it's going to take forever but I already go back to some of the classic videos from time to time, so it'll be fun. I'm also curious, especially since I've seen people upload really long premium segments to YouTube. My guess would be that this sort of thing is not OK.

@otakugamer: I've asked, and it's all good! Woo!

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Weren't you the guy who about four years ago came up with the extremely short-lived GB "magazine" and basically wanted everyone to do stuff for you while you mostly took the credit?

There are already plenty of people putting stuff on YouTube. If you're going to crib stuff other people have done to make a supercut or whatever, the least you can do is credit everyone you "borrow" from.

If you want an idea, why not try a "Best of Drew'? There's plenty of Best of Vinny/Ryan/Jeff/E3s out there, but not so much of the other staff. To be extra helpful, why not use this GB user-made tool which lets you search any GB videoby the people in it?


Credit goes to @szlifier for his amazing database thing. Original thread here.

You must be confusing me with the guy who started the magazine, edited almost every single article for 5 months, wrote his own articles, and got exclusive interviews with industry guys ranging from Swery to Adam Boyes. Definitely was not taking credit for the whole thing. I'm actually really surprised by what you said.

And I'm not cribbing anyone's clips dude. Not sure where this bad rep is coming from, like I said in the first post, for existing clips, I'm going to include them in playlists to help centralize everything.

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If it's a problem, I'm more than happy to shut things down. I just assumed it's not because of how many clips are out there to begin with. I'll send a PM to staff though to make sure.

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Anime, more like Hanim3.

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Geometry Wars 1/2/3.

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Let's not turn this thread into a 12 year old boys' flame war.

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I need this on a t-shirt!

Where do I send my money?

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DUDE! Thank you for this, you are amazing and your this year stuff is incredible. How much time do you think you put into this?