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2 more added to the list, don't stop now!

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Thanks everyone, keep 'em coming! I'll do another update to the table tomorrow.

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Oh snap, it's almost 2015! What are your favorite 2014 Giant Bomb videos and why? I'll make a table out of the most popular answers, it might be fun to go through them while we patiently wait for the GOTY stuff to come around.

Edit: added a couple of more, keep them coming!

Video TypeTitle

Quick Look

Velvet Sundown


Mario Party Party 2


Mario Party Party


Vinny Bought Bot Colony. Now What?

Quick Look

Quick Look: Don Bradman Cricket 14

Quick LookHatoful Boyfriend
Quick LookMount Your Friends
Premium VinnyVania
Quick Look TMNT Training Lair
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Holy crap, I can't remember the last game that got me to play 6 hours of single player in a row!

The combat in this game is just so much freaking fun. I feel like it's always keeping itself fresh, and of course, the Persona characters are as loveable as ever. I'm not really a fan of most JRPGs because of typical grind fests, and even P4/G (which I like a whole lot) got too grindy for me. So I'm absolutely floored by how much fun the gameplay is. I really hope they keep this design mentality in P5 and continue to expand on it. But I could totally see a horror scenario where none of these mechanics carry over or anything due to the EO heritage.

How are you guys liking it so far/how much time have you put into the game?

Edit: Another thing I really like about P Q is how much the characters interact among themselves. In P4 a lot of their attention was directed at the player as opposed to each other.

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@karsh Thanks for bringing it back! Honestly the music and active chat was what separated that server from all of the other ones. Are you going to put on a bunch of new tracks? Can't wait to do loops to the Cailliou freestyle again.

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I've been having the video ending issue as well. What I found the "fix" to be is to start another video, then go to the video you wanted to watch in the first place. For some reason this has always made the video play normally for me.

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Hey! So I've noticed that Drew tends to rush through areas because he thinks exploring/playing methodically will bore us to death. Personally, I don't mind that at all and enjoy seeing it. If you're in agreement, let's let Drew & Dan know. All you have to say is La Li Lu Le Lo.

And if you disagree, that's cool too! Just kidding, we're going to throw you into a volcano.

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Whoops, I didn't notice there was a thread already. Thanks guys.

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I used to watch the WWF shows when I was a kid and eventually grew out of it. Recently I caught an episode of Raw and HOLY FUCK. It's like live action jock-anime! It's so ridiculous that they hooked me with one show!

What's the best way to get back into watching this... spectacle? I stopped around the time Stone Cold left, and I'm aware of some of the current big names. Are there any sites to follow, any specials to watch, etc etc? Any help would be appreciated!

Also, is the WWE network/tv channel/whatever the name is any good?


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Well I guess this thing has run it's course. Maybe it'll pick up again with the new Sapphire/Ruby games.