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OK so just to confirm before we start- we are doing 3 legendaries per team (including subs), correct? Nothing else has changed, right?

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Anything else y'all want to add? Otherwise we're gonna get this season going soon!

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No tiers with legendaries allowed with the same rules as before seems like the way to go, do we have a general enough agreement on that? Not super balanced but if we're including legendaries anyway, we might as well have a bit of random fun.

Also, for the season after this legendary one, how about a rotation battle season? I was playing with my friend last night and it was way more fun for us than singles (just my opinion of course).

Also x2, I may be able to give away a Kygore to the winner for this season. Need to double check on that, but should be good.

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Congrats fragor!

Let's discuss the next season's format for the next few days before starting again. Do you guys want to do a legendaries league (with other Pokedudes allowed, but you must use at least 3 legendaries). Do you want a European sports style league system where everyone plays each other twice (3 points for a win, 1 for a draw)? With an American playoff at the end? Let everyone know!

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I don't mind it but I think maybe it would take too long for mot people. I'm more in the "let's have a season that is legendary themed" camp.

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Time for you to have a Rocky montage training session and go distance!

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Teams have been posted, cheers.

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We need juuuuuuuust one more player for a nice and even 8! Any takers? I'm away this weekend so I won't be able to answer any questions or anything, but I'll be starting the tournament soon (just hoping for that 8th person!). Also, I still can't edit the first post, what's up with that? I want to update it when the season begins.

@drfidget: This league has been and currently is singles.