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This spaceboat and aajf rivalry is really getting awesome!

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@hennet_sim said:

Goodra, Milotic, Mamoswine, Pinsir, Chandelure, Donphan sub Roserade, Greninja, Talonflame

I don't see you on the bracket at all, sorry, you must have missed the registration before the season started.

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If your opponents are cool with you late registering subs, I'm ok with it too.

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Gonna keep the sign ups open for another day! Start sending me your teams if you haven't already.

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Sorry about the errors guys! Fixed them now.

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Season 4 is live! Good luck, have fun, and don't let the police catch you. Don't forget to update the scoreboard as you play and to post results in this thread.


GB NameTeam
fragor87Talonflame, Lucario, Rotom-W, Togekiss, Mandibuzz, Mamoswine. Subs: Gliscor, Aegislash, and Volcarona.
aajfVenusaur Greninja Tyranitar Conkeldurr Rotom-W Sableye Subs: Dragonite Alakazam Magnezone
ohpmckenzieAzumarill Tyranitar Glisgor Excadrill Rotom-W Garchomp SubsL Barbaracle Reuniclus Galvantula
jinx1Rotom microwave oven, blissey, skarmory, alomomola, gliscor. (not an error, dude is playing with 5).
tankintheair315Ferrothorn Tyranitar Aegislash Greninja Volcorona Gengar Subs: Excadrill Azumaril Garchomp
spaceboatScizor, Ferrothorn, Chandelure, Whimsicott, Goodra, Dragonite. Subs - Absol, Starmie, Aegislash
sleepoverkingFerrothorn, Goodra, Scolipede, Mawile, Gyarados, and Starmie (no subs)
darthorangeSceptile Frosslass Pikachu Togekiss Tentacruel Charizard Subs: Infernape Blastoise Alakazam
theblueDragonite Togekiss Vaporeon Infernape Metagross Manectric Subs: Talonflame Espeon Noivern
hunter5024Scolipede, Salamence, Shuckle, Vaporeon, Togekiss, and Lucario (no subs)


1. You are to battle with the "normal" preset that sets all Pokemon to level 50. This season we are doing a best of 3 for every match (meaning you have to win 2 games against your opponent to advance) with a double elimination format (winners/losers brackets).

2. You are allowed to have a full team of 6 pokedudes, though you can have less if you're crazy. You may also have up to 3 subs. So you can have a total of 9 Pokemon eligible to participate.

2. B) In a best of 3 set, you cannot make subs if you won the previous match. So if you're 1 - 0 up that means you have to play the next game with your previous team of 6. However, losers of the latest game in a best of 3 set can use up to all 3 of their subs. So for example if you win 1 then lose the next game, you are allowed to make up to 3 subs for the final game.

C) The original 6 you register must be the starting team for the first game in a set.

3. If you are in the the tournament, you must PM me your 9 pokedudes that you will use for this season. Failure to do so results in exclusion (more details with point no. 9.

4. No legendary Pokemon, no evasion moves. You can put one of the opponent's Pokedudes to sleep but not more than that.

5. You can't have more than 1 of the same pokedude in your party, and the same goes for held items (so you can't have 6 leftovers for example). Items are locked to their pokedude, so you can't have leftovers on Dragonite in one fight but Mudkip in the other.

6. When a match is over, update your score on the bracket and post in this thread if you won or lost (we don't need both of you to post/update, just one).

7. Include replay codes of your matches in your posts so that everyone else can also see them.

8. Do not use this thread to set up match times/friend codes with your opponents, please use the PM system for that.

9. Registration for season 4 will end on Jan 13 or 14 (depends on # of players). The tournament will start a day after that.

10. We will decide the length of the season when we see how many players have signed up. As always, it is a good idea to take a picture of your victory/the opponent's team in case someone here tries to grief.

11. Registration priority will, as always, be given to GB members that have not simply signed up to the site for the sake of this tournament.

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Sorry guys, I have't been able to start the new season today like I thought I would. Definitely this weekend though, sorry again, I've just been overly busy. No legendaries allowed at all, though feel free to discuss the topic for future seasons with maybe more specific rules!

Edit: just a heads up - the new thread will start on the 12th, there will be 3 days of registration and then an extra prep day before it all starts!

Edit 2: New thread is live.

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Ok, sounds great. New thread on Thursday!