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sad news. Many fond memories of Sewer Shark and Night Trap, although all memory of Ground Zero Texas has been wiped from my mind save for that wicked box art. Rest in peace dude.

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Great article!

Honestly, if no game ever went on sale ever again, my playing habits would absolutely not change. Would my buying habits change? Most definitely, but I don't think it would effect what I actually play one bit. I didn't like Inside A Star Filled Sky very much (not sure what I paid for it) so I'll probably skip The Castle Doctrine, but good on Jason for trying something different. He seems like a cool dude.

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@atesh42 said:

Um. Patrick, how about Dark Souls with its Pendant in comparison to the ruler?

I don't think Patrick has played Dark Souls.

Anyway, great write-up. This is a cool game I should finish sometime. I rented it as a kid but never got through to the end.

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nice of you to shine a spotlight on these games Scoops. I really liked the Guild01 stuff, well maybe not so much Aeroporter (that game is extremely stressful). If you have the time, check out Crimson Shroud. It can be finished in just a few hours and it's a really fresh take on JRGs.

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Marcus Beer behaved like a complete twat. I don't even particularly like Phil Fish, but nothing he said was wrong here.

Thanks for the article Patrick.

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LOL 50,000 kickstarter fundraising requirement for an OUYA game. Good luck with that.

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I bought it, even though it's unlikely to get worn very often. I think I've worn my "China don't care" shirt out of the house like twice ever, but the truth is that they could have printed anything and I would have still bought it just to support Ryan's wife.

As for the design of the shirt itself, I think it's pretty clever and in tune with the spirit of the site and its sense of humor.

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I never met Ryan Davis in person, but for the past 4 years he's been a constant companion on jogs, bike rides, airplane trips and my daily commute. RIP buddy.

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There's really nothing Microsoft could have done after the way they've bungled PR for the past few weeks. Crimson Dragon looks pretty alright. Not too excited for Killer Instinct. I think a lot of nostalgic folks forget that Killer Instinct is actually not any good.

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@tjuk said:

OK that's it, I have to say it:

Fuck this kind namby-pamby indie game.

I'm sick of all the games in recent years that want to make me "feel" something. Just shut up. I'm 33 years old, I've been been playing video games my whole life and am certainly a million miles from being a "bro gamer". I'm looking for interesting game mechanics as much as the next gamer.

I swear it's crap like this that makes people crave a game that just gives them a gun and something to shoot at.

God forbid different things than what you want exist! How dare they! 99/100 games are exactly what you want, but every once in a while....