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Dante is a Japanese product of absolute Anime-ish fruitcake syndrome and Kratos is the product of American Badassery.. i hate Devil May Cry cause dante is a cocky faggot wearing Leather and too many belts strapped to him like some sort of domnatrix. 
All you people voting for Dante probably watch Anime therefore making  your opinion invalid. there i said it. 
Lmao but really Kratos is a boss so he wins... hands down.
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Hey man.. i just wanted to let you know that i am very sorry to hear that you have to go through all that garbage over something as trivial as a Video game review, the world can be a very dark and cold place at times. 
Personally, i respect what you do and i admit that sometimes i've had a difference of opinion regarding some games.. but i like to think i'm a bigger person and can accept that people will always no matter what share a difference of  opinion about anything, that's one of the best things about being human.. people are free to disagree ( at least they're supposed to be anyways) 
Jeez.. i can't get over that you've actually recieved death threats over this stuff.. that's more then a little disturbing, people need to really fucking chill out about this stuff. 
Anyways, long story short i hope these bad experiences don't sour you too much and we end up losing you're insight involving video games. Keep your chin up man you're opinion matters to not only me but many others i'm sure. 
i Frequent Giant Bomb AND Gamespot so i can get both sides of the coin when i'm making a decission about a new game purchase and i appreciate it.
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I have a PS3 and i'll wait and see how it turns out before making a serious decission... it could turn out to be completely awesome for all i know.

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where did all these awesome Racing games go anyways? i don't know about you guys but i'm pretty sick of seeing nothing but Forza, Moto GP, Gran Turismo, and all the other enthusiast shlock that's domininating the racing game genre.. this news is awesome! 
now all we need is some new Wipeout games, Jet Moto, F Zero, Wave Race, and even a new Ridge Racer and i'll be content. 
tired of these dicks crying for games to be more realistic, wanting realism in games is like wanting realism in Porn.. it's never presented well and always makes you feel awkward.
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@bukkookkub said:
"I hope the Jet Moto devs see this as a little inspiration. ; ) "

lol we can only hope they do. I think a new Wave Race game would be really cool also.. i loved the ones on Nintendo 64 and Gamecube
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Hm.. that's a good question.. 
Inglorious Basterds is a good film that makes me feel pretty good. I mean it's about a jewish unit in WW2 beating the living fuck out of Nazis.. is there any sort of revenge setting more justified? 
Btw i'm not Jewish.
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Probably my PSP go.. i love that thing so much.
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@arab_prince said:
"Why is everybody denying saying? And if they are not denying they are belittling it as if the people that do say it are losers? Hello, you're all on a video game forum. We are all basically losers here :) "

Quite frankly, that doesn't make any god damn sense.. that's just like saying "If you play video games you are instantly a loser"  going to video game sites is just like when "cool people" go to a website to check and see if their team won the football game.. if you don't understand that analogy then i'm sorry. 
It's like when people who love Cars go and check out automotive websites or magazines, it's the same thing.. different hobbies.
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that concept art reminds me of old 1980's action movie posters.
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Obviously they should plaster Brad Shoemakers face all over the next one.. seeing as how he's the only one in the video games industry who gives two fucks about this shit.  
... Well.. the only one with any sort of credibility at least.