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@geraltitude: Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely do some digging and see what I can find.

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So hey everyone, I've been a member of the site for a few years now. Just to give a little background about myself, I LOVE playing video games. Obviously why I am a member of this community. I have posted a couple other time about starting a podcast, which sadly fell through. I would still love to start and try to maintain a podcast, but that is another story. My problem right now is that I have a big steam backlog of games that I want to play, but when I try to play alone, I lose any motivation to keep going. None of my friends are as deep into playing games as I am, and that has caused some problems for me. I buy these games wanting to play them with people, but never have anybody to play with. So now I think it's time I reach out to my video game community and see if maybe some of you out there will be my new friends and play games with me. Take me under your wing if you will. I have a 360, an XBONE, and a PC with Steam. I have been playing PC mostly, but I feel once Destiny comes out, I will spend most of my time with that. I work from 7:30 A.M. until 7 P.M at the latest Monday through Friday. As soon as I get home, I shower and am on the computer no more than 30 minutes after getting through the door. Games and Giant Bomb have become my life, and I am not ashamed of it. But I just need people willing to play these games with me. I am willing to try new games and types of games, so please, if you are willing, help me out. Just for the record, and not to brag or seem conceited, but I am actually pretty good at the majority of games. I excel at FPS's, but I can also play most other games just as good. My Xbox gamertag is Gorilla Corn. And my steam name is Gorilla Corn as well. I'm from Illinois in case there are some other people that are from Illinois. One of my dreams is to set up a big LAN or some sort of event where people come and play couch coop/competitive game like Divekick, Hidden In Plain Sight, Speedrunners etc. etc.

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I sent some messages out to some of you that showed interest. I really appreciate all of the input, good and bad. I also really appreciate the support for trying to set something up, even if it does have a better chance of failing than it does succeeding. It's always been something I've wanted to try ever since I first started listening to the Bombcast. I also listen to Joe Rogans podcast as well as some others and it just fuels my want to at least try. But seriously, this community is the best I've ever been a part of. Thank you guys.

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@ozzdog12: well, if that is the case I am happy for you. I also ask for any advice you may have.

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Well, the thing is, as Slag said, nobody knows who I am either. I have been a fan/member of the site for a couple of years now, but I'm not too outspoken. I like to sit back and just take everything in, unless I am directly involved in something. My goal is to find some people that would like to be involved, and start by just playing some games together and talking/ getting to know each other. This is to make sure we can carry a somewhat interesting conversation at the least. From there we would move on to some practice recordings and make changes where necessary, and move on to actual recordings and postings. This is how I see everything going in my head, but who knows, everything could get flipped turned upside down and be completely bonkers. It's all a work in progress. I definitely appreciate the advice though.

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Hello again boys and girls! I am back again with some more talk about podcasts! But now we are getting a little bit more serious. Is there anybody out there that has wanted to be a part of, or even help start a podcast? Well boy do I have an opportunity for you. After my last post about maybe starting a podcast, I had someone from the site reach out and express interest in starting a podcast. He has previous experience and can help really get things going. All we need is you!

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GT : tL Gorilla Corn

Central standard time.

Trying to get to the 10th generation as fast as I can!

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GT : tL Gorilla Corn

TZ : Central

Looking for some Titanfall friends!

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Very encouraging. I will definitely give it some more thought! Thanks everyone.