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Seems smart for ESPN, seeing how right now in American sports there is almost no way them to fill all of their channels and ESPN 3.

The only ESPN 3 thing has a bunch of crazy weird stuff, like ultimate frisbee and stuff

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Reminds me of when ESPN 2 use to air Magic the Gathering Championships

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Finally, Kevin Steen vs a person in WWE

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@recspec said:

I remember the last Cena vs Brock match as being goofy as hell, Brock being King Kong on top of the steps swatting Cena down, only for Cena to punch him with chains wrapped around his fist and AAing him on top of the steps.

And don't be crazy, of course Cena's going to win. He'll be the slayer of the beast who conquered the streak. Just sucks that all of Heyman's brilliant promo's were all to push Cena just a little bit higher.

On the bright side, that promo makes it seem like Cena won't have the title after Battleground (due to Brock's interference probably, Plan C). So Orton vs Reigns for the belt might be a decent feud.

but also

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@turboman: they couldn't have him lose... right.... right.........right?

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Fred Durst's gamertag appears to be "dingus dreams"

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@drx25: I'm fine with that considering the circumstances involving Daniel Bryan

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@oldirtybearon: I would say that Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose are basically already there, they have all been in top tier main event hyped feuds basically since they debuted. But certainly many have approached the proverbial glass ceiling and haven't made it through.

Like I've been super bummed with the Cesaro direction since Wrestlemania so your view is understandable

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CM Punk is now an alumni, so hopefully people will stop talking about CM Punk coming back.

Although if you want to hold out hope for some reason, both Brad Maddox and Brie Bella are also considered Alumni to this page