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Now I know that they didn't get fair shakes, but I think it is a bit much to say Yoshi and Kenzo were on the same level as the KENTA signing

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@papercut: The problem with Sin Cara was Sin Cara not WWE

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Here is WWE's video from the signing

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@magris: The west in general is just straight murder. I do think they upgraded at coach but the west is so insanely ridiculous anything can happen or the Spurs will just crush everyone again.

LeBron made the right choice if he was looking for the better team, seeing the decaying corpse of Wade and the Heat's struggles to keep a full bench. The new Cavs struggle to decide whether or not to trade Wiggins for the immediate impact of Kevin Love is a fascinating question.

As a Celtics fan this is all still turning out bad for me and I'm not sure how the Celtics get better now

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please send all shenmue related requests to @johntdrake

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@xanadu: I'm at least 95% sure that saying Hulk Hogan signed him is just a marketing thing

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well the orange hot dog man has confirmed they have definitely signed at least a Japanese wrestler.

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@iceman228433: They have made it so all three of them can be stars now. Reigns is getting better at every rapidly by the day to the extent that you can see what they see in him

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I'll fist fight everyone who hates mustard