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A WWII 3rd Person Shooter with Personality 0

 Armed to the teeth with a repeating repertoire  of cheesy insults and ammo, Aviator glasses, a never ending cigar, and one ridiculous name, Captain Deuce Wlliams looks like he marched straight out of the Generic Bad-Ass Soldier Creator. But that’s the thing, when was the last time you played as a bad-ass in a World War 2 game? In most you play as some speechless emotionless shell of a man, but in The Outfit, the characters are given life, emotions, and a long list of verbal obscenities. Accomp...

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Fun, Pure and Simple 0

Earth Defense Force 2017 (EDF) Is quite shamelessly a budget title. But being a budget title does not make EDF a bad game, far from it, infact it almost helps it in that it keeps the game so simplistic. One of the problems with so many new games is that we're being overloaded with tons of new features, modes and just general distractions,  alot of the time simply there for the purpose of of being able to justify another bullet point on the back of the box. Whether on purpose or not, EDF doesn't ...

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