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I'd be willing to play one just for some variety. I would prefer though that it took place in a lesser known area of the war. I don't know my history well but how about some parts in Africa or play as the Chinese vs the Japanese or hell, play as a German.

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"Nintendo didn't really update the graphics much for OoT 3D."
"I think they just redid the textures."

Remember how many people said things like this when Ocarina of Time 3D came out? People don't realize how "bad" older games actually looked. It didn't help that a lot of us saw Crysis 3 on a PC a few days ago but it's quite obvious from some of the demos (the one with the dragon) that the PS4 is leaps and bounds beyond the PS3.

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It's not that the anti-Patrick posters hate women, it's that they don't care. They find this kind of stuff annoying. They don't care about this and they probably don't care about a lot of things either. They just want VIDEO GAAAAAAMMES

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Deifacted Nethicite

Now I want the rest of you to come up with some.

Word must actually come from a game, not a word you made up. Mine is from Final Fantasy XII.

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I only thing I want from a journalist is some kind of review, or to give me information about stuff. I don't really want opinion pieces beyond game reviews.

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If you care about fixing sexism, this is the last place you want to start. Look around the world. Your effort is better spent there.

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I heard Kotaku was hiring...

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  1. that .gif of Budd Dwyer shooting himself
  2. Pooping in someone's tuba
  3. child crutches
  4. a barely used crib
  5. Holocauster Tycoon
  6. Sid Meier's Slave Tycoon