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It's like two best friends trying to fall asleep at a sleepover.They occassionaly talk about video games but mostly play sound effects and try to make each other laugh. Also if you like their facebook page they'll read your name funny on the air!

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I find Kpop to be a lot more threatening than JPop.

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Cry sexism and let slip the dogs of war.

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Black and White. I was only about 11 or so when it came out and wasn't following any video game news. Apparently it didn't deliver on what it promised. What it promised, to this day, I don't know and I don't care.

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For God's sake, it's Link.

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I beat D3 but never played TL2, but I still want to say that Path of Exile has D3 beat by a long shot. It feels like that natural progression from what D2 to D3 should have been. Plus, it's got D3's original(?) design for skill gems. Basically skills are like Materia from FF7. They level up socketed into your equipment and can be combined with support gems for various effects. Also you have a FF10-style Sphere Grid for your stats.

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Stop trying to force in ideas from the first two games into a new one. Come up with something new!

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I'd be willing to play one just for some variety. I would prefer though that it took place in a lesser known area of the war. I don't know my history well but how about some parts in Africa or play as the Chinese vs the Japanese or hell, play as a German.

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"Nintendo didn't really update the graphics much for OoT 3D."
"I think they just redid the textures."

Remember how many people said things like this when Ocarina of Time 3D came out? People don't realize how "bad" older games actually looked. It didn't help that a lot of us saw Crysis 3 on a PC a few days ago but it's quite obvious from some of the demos (the one with the dragon) that the PS4 is leaps and bounds beyond the PS3.