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CFA doesn't want gays to get married. This is not a big deal compared to the business practices a lot of companies have. No one understands what's really important. For example, Hershey's and child slavery.

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I listened to one of the Eight-Four Plays and they mentioned the No More Whoppers podcast so I though I would give it a try. It is pretty good so I thought I would share it with everyone. http://nomorewhoppers.tumblr.com/ They talk about video games and Japan and other stuff people who come here might like. They constantly drop sound effects and I love sound effects. The most recent episode is actually a little boring but I've started from the beginning and they were much better.

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Middle one is Agumon from the Digimon tamagachi like things right? My memory on the proper terms is fuzzy as I had one of these things when I was like 7 or something.

Oh, also these look awesome. I wanna make some now!

Yes correct, Agumon. It's pretty fun if you like doing crafts.

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Is that one on the right from Gargoyle's Quest or whatever the GB one was?

Yes, that's Firebrand.

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I needed to make this girl a present and she likes penguins so I figured I'd do some pixel art out of these beads. For those who don't know, you get the colors and you put them on a peg board and then iron them. The penguin is a heavily modified Bub or Bob sprite and then the other two are for you (the audience) to guess! They sell these things on Etsy so I figure I'd try my hand at that. 90% of the stuff on there is Mario or Pokemon related things so I thought I might go more obscure and stand out. Some of the problems I've run into is one of my peg boards already warping and my iron heating very unevenly. I was thinking maybe heating up a cast iron skillet and then pressing that onto the backs of these. I try to melt the backside so the little holes fill up, that way you can hold them up and look at them and not see light penetrating through the holes.

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It's better than VIII or II. Those are by far the worst.

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VII and IX. They are the best. VI is good but the game slow down really bad in the middle/end. There are people who don't like VII genuinely and then everyone else who hates it because "boo cloud is emo I've only ever seen commercials for Advent Children". VIII is the only of them that I would actually call bad. The story isn't great, most of the characters aren't developed, the magic/battle system is super grindy.

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As much as I love the MGS series, there are a lot of plot points that really suck. Liquid's Arm in 2 was pretty awful, but I got over it quickly. What I'll never get over is the further explanation given in 4. I really, really dislike what 4 did to the MGS universe. The series took place in world only slightly more supernatural than our own, and I loved that aspect of the series. In 4, they explained away the supernatural with nanomachines, and it took away a lot of the magic.

Other than the arm thing, you still had all Psycho Mantis's stuff from MGS. His damn ghost appeared in MGS4. Ghost-ghost. And you always have The Sorrow. No nanomachines back then. I just wish Vamp was some kind of android...

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Final boss of Crysis. It's just a big ship thing that you have to fire that nuclear gun at. It would have been more fun just to kill a bunch of the tripod-squid-aliens. "Oh fuck they're going to sink the ship if we don't stop them! Nomad we need you to stop them in time!"

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Video games have a lot to do with war and killing. Do you really want an equal share in that?