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I don't know about Sales Numbers, but I don't remember the Saturn being an also ran. It remained pretty competitive against the N64 and PlayStation for quite a while. I think its shorter lifespan had more to do with Sega wanting to get a jump on the PS2 by releasing the DreamCast first.

If you are going to classify the Saturn as an also ran, than I would say it had the best games of the systems you mentioned. If you want to collect the actually system and games itself, go for it. If you're looking to play Emulated versions, I believe you're out of luck. I've heard that system is a nightmare to emulate.

You need a somewhat modern system for it but SSF (http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~phantasy/ssf/) will run most Saturn games accurately.

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I miss when PC elitism was about defending convoluted obtuse game mechanics and not justifying how much you overpaid for your videocard.

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Football Manager Guy is a wonderfully bizarre Sega thing to include. It's only too bad they don't publish any train simulators.

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The Play Station

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Some of these look cool but the continued lack of The Pinball Arcade on Steam is really distressing and makes me wonder if I really want the steam community to have this much say in what goes up. How the hell does a game with tables licensed from The Twilight Zone and Star Trek not immediately get fast tracked on to the service? Last I hard they were only in the top 80 or something, but I'm sure all the people who voted for the game would pay for some tables as well.

It's fine that valve have democratized their service but it seems that in some instances more niche games are going to get the shaft in favor of more in vogue indie puzzle platformers and horror games.