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As a child I always wanted a RC Helicopter...now as an adult I have a small RC Helicopter...now I want a gas powered RC helicopter. I guess I will never grow old.

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I don't own a cell phone and probably never will, so nothing needs to change in my life

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He was and will ever be the side of politics that every canadian could have been proud of. Although I didn't believe in all his views, he always had the right canadians in mind, the seniors and the not so lucky ones that needed a voice in Parliment. A person who would have stood up for our environment and our Health Care System. My thoughts goes out to Oliva Chow and the rest of Jack's family, may he RIP.

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I love being Canadian!!! This is a great country and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! Happy Canada Day

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Pretty good, great job

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So checking out news sites and I come across this
Apparently all you need to do to survive the zombie apocalypse is to plan ahead.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says for a zombie apocalypse all you need to have is:


An emergency kit, water and food;

A first aid kit for all those non-zombie hurts;
Identify possible threats in your neighbourhood;
Oh and of course...tools like duct tape, batteries and a flashlight; cause you know, zombies hate the light!

What do you think you would need to survive the zombie apocalypse? Is it weird that the CDC is planning for it?*

(*sarcastic conspiricy question)
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This is my sentiment too...you hit the nail on the head!
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Will Canada cease to exist as we know it?   I know for a fact it will be a long 4 years with the health accord coming up and social programs in trouble with this new majority government.  Lets just hope I can still be proud to call myself Canadian in the next few years.
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I took accutane, and as long as you have the proper dose, it really dosn't affect your skin as much as the others commented on.   I had bad acne all over my body and face and it worked wonders for me.  Yes there are some side affects but as long as you go to your doctor and get a blood test every few months.  There really was no problem for me.   Hope this helps.
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