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Posted this on GAF, but I guess this is a better place. Just a few suggestions, I certainly don't want this to come across as critiques, because I think DMing in front of thousands of people is hard enough, without people like me freaking out about it. Just a few things that might help make the campaign flow a little more.

  • You've GOT to read the Player's Handbook, and know it inside and out. It's the minimum a DM can do, to be completely encyclopedic about the rules, especially when it comes to things as basic as death rolls, spell slots, and the specific traits and abilities of the PCs in the campaign.
  • Quash infighting immediately, it leads nowhere in the long run, and contributes very little to character/quest progression. Some of it is ok, but it slows the game down sooo much.
  • Create some specific house rules, and stick to them. A few that would help this campaign specifically include; pool the party gold (it's clear that would solve a lot of issues); no stealing from other players (might have been fun this time, but it can quickly cause animosity with people who aren't used to roleplaying); and stabilization with any healing at all will cause a character to immediately wake up, instead of having to wait 1d4+2 hours to gain HP and wake up.
  • Just keep the game moving. A fast moving campaign will flesh out characters at the exact same rate as a slow moving campaign, without the risk of anyone getting bored. Find a really quick way for you to get through numbers and enemy turns in a battle, and when you run through a couple mock battles that way and get really good at flying through turns, you can add embellishment to it, and at that point, you're not saying things like "The goblin advances, swinging his hammer *rolls, waits* and hitting you forrrrrr *rolls, waits* 5 + 1 is 6 damage.", you're saying things like "The goblin, looking enraged as he approaches, raises his rusty hammer above his head, bringing it down on your breastplate, denting it into your torso for 6 damage.
  • Cheat sheets are your friend. Keeping info like PC: AC, HP, Passive Perception, and Passive Insight in front of you, as well as super quick enemy cheat sheets, like Attack and Damage Bonuses, allow you to get into the groove mentioned earlier.
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Uh oh. I hope everyone is alright.

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I like it a whole lot. A few things to be ironed out, and a few things I'd like to see.

Things I especially like:

  • The new WYSIWYG editor. It's very responsive, adding things like lists, and having spoiler buttons is really nice. The clean button getting rid of the spaces between sentences is the only thing I might change. Oxford 1 space ruuuuules.
  • The pinning of videos. Really nice idea.
  • The return of staff Twitter feeds on the front page.

Things I'd like to see:

  • Twitter integration into profiles fixed. I'd update my status a whole lot more if it was made my status message as well.
  • New Games section List sort mode without thumbnails, or with very small thumbnails.

Can't think of too many others off the top of my head. Generally, the update makes the site very appealing to use.

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Yeah, although probably low on the to do list at this moment, I'd love Twitter syncing to work on the site.

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System: XBox 360

GT: GVPink

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: Anytime I'm on.

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I'm really pleased to see how much you're keeping in tune with the Starcraft community Brad, and I'm even more pleased to see the dividends it's paying with regards to the depth of coverage we get. It's good to get that next level of analysis on a piece of news that would just warrant a bullet point list on any other site.

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Just finished a review for Fez, right here

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I decided to take a shot at this. First time I've put something together like this. Might've spent a little too much time on it, come to think of it.

Do I need to still put it on Dropbox? If so, could someone PM me an invite to the folder?

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That Metal Gear Rising trailer was bizarre. Who'da thunk it that Metal Gear Solid would take on a Devil May Cry persona. It looks to be an incredible, Bayonetta-caliber game, but that melding of the one universe with the other system from Platinum games is mind-boggling.

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Good race night guys. Had about 30 people in there at peak. Nice to see Skyrim hasn't absorbed everyone.

Was surprised to realize I've only put 40 hours into the game on that server. Seems like much more.