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Teslagrad was released in Dec 2013 but doesn't have a quicklook either, and some of the releases say 2015. I want to say I saw something on Giantbomb that featured Teslagrad a long time ago but can't find it now.

Teslagrad was featured in a worth playing in 2013. The release date for the PC was December 2013, but it released on the Wii U September 11, 2014. I feel like the lateness of the PC release and the actually in 2014 release of the Wii U version should make this game available for this vote.

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Is there any way to get live premium streams onto a TV short of running HDMI from a computer? I see that Chromecast has a Chrome plugin that supposedly just streams whatever's in your browser, so I thought about trying that.

That's what I do and depending on how good your Wi-Fi signal is to the Chromecast, it works great. The biggest problem with the Chromecast right now is the Wi-Fi is soso, but especially when tab casting. It can get a bit choppy as well, this mainly depending on how well your computer can run it.

Aside from those minor things, it works extremely well. I would still recommend running an HDMI cord from your computer because you're cutting the questionable part out of the process, but if you're not able to for some reason, the Chromecast tab casting is a great alternative, plus it's only $35.

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EGM was the only subscription. I still remember waiting until the issue and flipping to the back to see what got Game of the Month and whatnot. I still have most of the issues I got from 1999, the first year I subscribed, to when it ended in 2009. It's fun to go back and see old issues I remember going crazy over, my favorite being the GameCube vs Xbox one.

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The only content I avoid like the plague is Quick Look EX. Even with Brad Miur playing with them I really dislike having PR talk with the duders. I'd rather listen to Brad Miur talk on a UPF and play some Massive Chalice. I just don't feel like there's anything we, as an audience of Giantbomb, get out of QLEX.

The only time I watch an EX is if I know it's the only Quick Look of a game I REALLY am interested in. I too don't get the point of having them, unless it's someone like Brad Muir or Johnny V, versus not doing a Quick Look. I can watch hundreds of other videos with the PR rep talking about the game, putting them in Quick Look form disappoints me.

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@rafaelfc: Would Patrick though? Maybe I missed a tweet or something from him, but from the stream I didn't get the feeling he superbly enjoyed it. It certainly scared him, but near the end it seemed he was getting irritated at the ridiculousness that is the end of that thing.

@flacracker: This is exactly what he would do, and I would love to see it.

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I was already way too excited before the game even started, this game is awesome.

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Memphis, TN, USA

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This is gonna be incredible.