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saw someone mention making it "codec" colors so I tried it... also I split the difference on the asymmetrical heads and just made them less asymmetrical..

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@zleunamme: thanks! The honeycomb patter is just a hexagon made with the polygon tool, then I just made a bunch of them and made the pattern... then I put a white stroke on all of them. The pattern in the background is slightly spherized, but same method only with the hexagons having no fill, just a stroke and a gradient laying behind them all. Hope that made sense/helped!

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@gaff: its a close call, which is why people disagree I guess, the bandana and the logo do balance each other, my concern was the logo "weighed more" visually which is why I did the face uneven... but either way I'm just glad people like the design, which ever way they fall...

the original design had Dan in all blues and Drew in all reds and the backgrounds opposite... maybe I'll post that one if I get time to colorize it more tomorrow.

anyway, thanks to everyone for the responses! <>

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@gaff: I had them level at first but it looked even weirder to me... maybe I post the leveled out one too...

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I have enjoyed Metal Gear Scanlon and I'm excited about MGS2 happening so I made this design... it uses art of Dan I did for a KFC logo recently, but reworked it all to make this. I did it large enough to print it on a shirt in case I want to for PAX...

okay here it is with the face leveled out....

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here is the one I did!

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yes. yes, I would.