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Good Luck Vinny, GBNY should be great... what a season its been, what a season...

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Lake St Louis, Missouri

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I can agree with almost all of this. When Project Natal was introduced at E3 (2009 I think) I was amazed… I started telling everyone that would listen about it, how amazing it seemed and how it seemed like "magic" almost. I loved the things they showed, the painting demo where they made the elephant specifically. I also really liked the idea in the Milo demo where you could hold up something to the camera and Milo would be able to see it and react to its color or shape, those ideas could have been worked into games in very cool ways.

But then it turned into Kinect. We had the cult-like event with space paunches and it all felt very "Kool Aid-ish"… and my worst fear for Project Natal came to be… it went from being the "next step" to being just a different version of the Wii, a Wii where you didn't have to hold anything. I have been VERY anti-Kinect since then, and I am going to buy the Kinectless SKU when it comes out, because the moment I saw that MS just wanted their own Wii to chase the casual market and not a device that could push things forward I was out… and I've seen no reason to come back.

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a few recent pics I have made...

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Dave Lang's voice always reminds me of Super Dave...

Jeff on the grid...

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did a few GOTY photoshops... just 'cause....

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so on console there really is no way to squad up with friends and then join a game together? spent over an hour tonight trying to get me and one friend in the same game and it either wouldn't let us invite each other or one of us would lock up. Saw no way to join each other in a squad before joining a game like you could in previous BF games.

I'm on 360 btw.

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@verysexypotato: awesome, great work!

A lot of awesome work in this thread, GB community has so many talented/hilarious people!

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@soupbones: awesome work man!

thanks to everyone else for the comments!