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so on console there really is no way to squad up with friends and then join a game together? spent over an hour tonight trying to get me and one friend in the same game and it either wouldn't let us invite each other or one of us would lock up. Saw no way to join each other in a squad before joining a game like you could in previous BF games.

I'm on 360 btw.

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@verysexypotato: awesome, great work!

A lot of awesome work in this thread, GB community has so many talented/hilarious people!

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@soupbones: awesome work man!

thanks to everyone else for the comments!

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here is my attempt, I have a higher res version if needed....

edit: did a second version with the other name, since there seems to be some confusion.

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did this during the episode today...

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Tomb Raider for me, played a lot of games so far this year, for me at least, last fall kind of had me questioning my interest in gaming but TR brought me back after only a couple hours in

  1. Tomb Raider
  2. The Last of Us
  3. CoJ: Gunslinger
  4. Bioshock Infinite
  5. GoW: Judgement
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@mrfluke: awesome, thanks! Glad people enjoy the image! Gonna seem weird to not have Patrick around in the videos/bombcast

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I made this... if that helps.