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I am frankly disappointed that it wasn't in there to begin with. Like 'Flight if the Valkyries' yes that's great, but come on Kojima! You make a game set in the 70's, and features helicopter as a core game mechanic, really? As much of a movie buff he is I would think that he would have either had that or some CCRish tracks (some Foghat maybe?). I would say that CCR should be in the next game but, it's Unfortunate (son) that since The Phantom Pain is set in the 80's it would seam a tad outdated.

Crank the Creedence brother!

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Because of some family connections: I have a Virtual Boy plus games but that not the cool part, it also came with a sick Virtual Boy cargo vest.

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I think the guys said something about it on the podcast, but I like the idea of a 3rd site skin that's all "baller time" themed.

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I have a copy of Tech Romancer for the Dreamcast that i was surprised to learn goes for about 40 to 60 bucks on ebay. Makes me which I knew where all my game cases & booklets are

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Am I the only one who thinks that the choices of games in this pack are a tad weird. Like MvC1 is a good pick (love the game, personally think its better than 2). But Marvel super heroes as the other? Don't get me wrong it's a great game but why not Street Fighter vs X-men or Street Fighter vs Marvel Super Heroes? Why not go even deeper and put in X-men: Children of the Atom?

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After playing a bit of the online for 7 its a lot better now that 'snaking' has been made harder to do. IMO it's a fair balance change which made the races i've played so far a lot closer and thus more fun to play.

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Me and my brother had a similar time: I forgot I had drunkly bought Perfect dark for XLBA a year ago. So last night looking thru my games list he found it and a wave of nostalgia came over us of nights well spent with the N64. While we have since moved on to more "modern" games, its still always great to go back and throw down on some classics.

Now if I can only find my copy of Mario Kart 64.....

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I think in THUG 2 one of the goals was to jump a boom there you go.

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I find that is im reading something, say longer than a paragraph, i notice for like a second that my hearing sorta shuts off for a minute while im reading, then either ill remember that im listening to something or some one on the bombcast with shout something then i'll snap back.

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Hey, I Just picked up this game up yesterday and have been loving it ever since. Then again i am a sucker for obscure JRPGs.