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Hello to you too :)

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It's me again.  I got a question: How did you add a comment on My Friends section (right side of profile page) with your comment you added on my profile as "Has a simple username", not the one that reads "Hey! is writing on 6h05tly's wall!"?  And, if you know how, I've been having trouble with PMing people on this site.  All I get is an invalid PM notice and unsure what the instructions the site gives me to correct the PM.  Unless we both don't know, can you help me on that too?

I appreciate it :)

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*ques Scary Movie*


lol, good to see you here.

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'hello' - Epic first words man.

I noticed this afternoon it wasn't doing friend requests right and such... might have just been a glitch.

Good to see the scissors.

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Lol it's me, too!