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With lost finally coming to a close, what will you be watching on TV.  Will you move to ABC sitcoms? NBC sitcoms? Or wade through the shitstorm of crappy programming hoping to find a show you may enjoy?

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I feel that The Road is a really good example of these kinds of movies.
What do you guys think?

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I like it

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On Isla Innocentes I took out FOUR helicopters in one match using my rocket launcher.  It was all on the first Island as well.  
On Arica Harbor I started as the defenders and ran over to wall next to B.  I walked past it and threw some anti tank mines there because I often drive over there when I'm attacking.  Anyways I run over to the main entrance to shoot some tanks and about a minute later I see I got a 4 man multi kill and a destroy vehicle.  A HumVee full with four people went flying full speed over the mines and blew it to hell.  My friend said the humvee landed over by the defending tanks.  It was beautiful
Another match on Arica harbor.  I sat on the Stationary AT at the front of the base and blew up over 10 different vehicles.  We won without giving up the first two MCOM stations and my score was 3020 compared to anyone esles 800

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On the fourth set of crates on Arica harbor I tried to flank into the back of the train car and disarm the bomb.  I used my knife to try and break the wall and instead I get a knife kill through the freaking wall.  I then proceeded to blow up the wall, kill two campers, and disarm the bomb.
Another moment.  The second to last base on Valparaiso I was sniping and they had just planted A.  A guy got on the mounted machine gun in what was left of the building and I lined up a headshot.  Turned out there was a medic behind him and a sniper a bit past him.  Triple heat shot.  one bullet.  It was incredible.

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That trailer made me seem like I was watching the intro to Pokemon

#7 Posted by Grady (163 posts) - bout that Transformers 2?

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Damn. I just got my 360 yesterday :(  I guess I can finish up the single player in COD4 while i wait for it to go back up

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@NickM said:
" Does anyone know whether MW2 will have a co-op mode ala Nazi Zombies, Horde in Gears2 or Survivor in L4D? "
Only time will tell