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about 2/3 of them are from the gameinformer may issue.  so the pics are real.  who knows about the others though.

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sweet this is pretty awesome.  Hopefully I'll be able to buy this with some of the money i get from my new job.  Unfortunately up til now my parents havn't allowed me to get a 360.  I'll finally be able to expand beyond the wii!

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I would learn to spell "U" right

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I would learn to spell "U" right

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Saving Private Bomb

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How do you make a baby crawl in circles? 

Nail its hand to the floor

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Im still trying to grasp the idea of racing bugs rather than regualar old carts or cars

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Dalai said:
" It's no headset, but WiiSpeak should be used on more and more games, but the only ones I know that support it are Animal Crossing and The Conduit which isn't out yet.  "
About the Conduit, according to the May issue of Game informer the Wiispeak is only available when you play friends so basically you have to use friend codes to talk to people.  So either the magazine has it;s information wrong or they totally screwed the pooch on this one.
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Oh No!!!! Somebody call PETA!!!

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Spiderman 4. never been an x-men fan.

Would you rather take an insanely massive nasty smelly messy shit all over your girlfriends bathroom and then find out it won't flush or take the same dump at a private dinner meeting with your boss talking about a huge promotion?