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For Bugs

  • Stratagem Priority
  • LAS-16 ' Sickle'
  • MLS-4X 'Commando'
  • 1x Resupply
  • 1x Shredder
  • 1x Hellfire

For Cyborg

  • Displacement Field
  • AR-20L 'Justice'
  • MLS-4X 'Commando'
  • 1x Resupply
  • 1x Shredder
  • 1x Distractor Beacon

For Illuminate

  • Displacement Field
  • AR-20L 'Justice'
  • 3x EXO-44 'Stomper' Exosuit
  • 1x REP-80

The Illuminate loadout might look foolish to some but I've found that as long as you can avoid getting one-shotted by Illuminate (the Exosuit prevents this), they are incredibly easy to take out. Everything, even Illusionists can be killed with the Exosuit chaingun and with a REP-80 to heal yourself and your group, 2-3 Exosuits lasts an entire Lvl 12 mission. Depending on the mission and what others are bringing I'll sometimes sub a Shredder for the 3rd Exosuit. Only time this loadout fails me is when teammates lollygag and fight enemies between objectives. My friend and I consistently complete Lvl 12 missions against Illuminate just the two of us with both of us running mostly Exosuits.

I generally like to have the Shredder missile because it's much faster than than the Hellbomb, more versatile and has multiple uses. I'll sub it out if someone is bringing an APC or HAV though as they're even faster for AA/Bug Hives and the like. Hellfire is great for cutting off pursuers behind you or limiting the number or sides from which you can be attacked while defending or capturing.

I like the Commando over the recoilless rifle as the Commando can take out up to 2 tanks without reload while the recoilless rifle is anywhere from 2-4 shots to take out 2 tanks. I can't say definitively that it also reloads faster than the RR, but empirically that has been my observation.

I've used the LIFT extensively and it's generally great but I always like to be prepared for tanks since randoms rarely seem to be and you can't carry RR or Commando + LIFT.

I haven't used Anti-Tank Mines much or even seen them used much but the few times I have seen it, people drop them way too close to objectives leaving the group too little room to maneuver IMO.

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Thanks for putting MOABD on there. I remember it being on UPF last year and for the life of me could not remember the name. To me, that games still looks like the it's creative director is Year Zero-era Trent Reznor.

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Jeff Dr. Tracksuit is a decent hype man.

Props to JV and D SLeazy. They've got to be two of the cooler business dudes in the world.

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I had my older sister play P.T. on Christmas Day and it was almost as fun to watch her play as it was for me to play the first time. Even knowing when the scares were coming, I was still freaked out by some of them. Hell, knowing almost made it worse. Even if Silent Hills ends up being crap, P.T. is a great achievement.

EDIT: Because I'm stoopid.

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All I could think of since Patrick mentioned this interview on the last morning show is how fucking perfectly suited The Thing is to a video game adaptation. Apparently there was already one back in 2002 that was supposedly pretty decent.

I was thinking more of a short but highly replayable game where every time you start, there's a group of maybe 10-15 survivors and maybe one or two are Things and you have to figure out who before they take over the entire group. Who is infecting is different every time and maybe have the various survivors fit into 3 or 4 classes, each with different abilities that help you if they are human and have different tells and abilities as aliens.

Build trust with AIs like Mac does in the movie, develop tests to find out who is a Thing, quarantine people, kill if necessary, ect. Then have a multiplayer component, maybe 1-v-1 and/or 2-v-2 where two are aliens and two aren't and nobody knows who is what. The aliens have to try to infect and replicate all the survivors without being discovered and the humans have to stop them before they all NPCs or both players on the human team are assimilated.

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As these attacks become more and more frequent, I wonder if making them public every time is maybe not the best way to handle it. I understand that by even suggesting this, accusations of 'silencing the victim' to 'defending the attackers' or even 'willful ignorance' will be made, but I guess that is inevitable. For the record, I do not intend any of these things. I truly do feel for these women. Despite not agreeing much with what Anita has to say, nobody deserves such treatment for just having an opinion, and I absolutely think the people guilty of making the threats should be held accountable for their crimes by whatever measure the law allows.

But simply put, the response to these attacks in media, on twitter, and in the industry at large has seemingly done nothing to put a dent in the number and viciousness of the attacks. All evidence to the contrary, in fact. Logically, the assumption could be made that on some level, this is exactly the type of response these people want (the attackers). The 'thrill' of being the topic of discussion, even negatively, on pretty much every major gaming site. Even if people don't know their name, the perpetrator still knows they are the one who is being talked about. Maybe even a close circle of like-minded assholes is also aware and 'impressed' and, God forbid, encouraged by their 'success'. Like Jeff posited on the latest Bombcast, they're grinding their rep with this abhorrent shit.

Again, I know this might sound like putting the onus on the victim, but if attention is what the attackers seek, would it not be prudent to at least try denying them that attention? I'm not even trying to suggest this is the silver bullet that will eradicate this kind of shit from the industry absolutely, but is it not worth the try? Let me close by making clear, I'm not suggesting the threats should not be reported to the authorities. Anita and anyone else should absolutely report them to the police and/or the FBI. I just question the efficacy of making the threats public on social media and the like. Again, I understand many people's reaction to this will be accusations of trying to 'sweep it under the rug' and all I can say is, that isn't what I'm trying to suggest. Believe that, or don't.

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I'll add to the Kill List hype as well. Friend told me about it a couple years ago right after it came out. Great fucking movie. I personally stick to my tried and true favorites. I find horror as a genre very repetitive so I usually just stick with the best ones or ones I like. A lot of Carptenter (They Live, The Thing, Prince of Darkness), Night of the Living Dead, Ravenous*, The Shining, The Descent*, and the aforementioned Kill List*, Haute (High) Tension.

* I'm not sure I consider these as horror films but they're 'scary' and I like 'em. Good enough for me.

This October I plan to fill in some major gaps in my horror repertoire including a lot of the Carpenter movies I haven't seen, some general classic horror films I've never seen (Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, Eyes Without A Face) and the newest movie from the director of Kill List is supposedly kind of horror-ish (A Field in England). I loved movie The Wages of Fear (not a horror film) and supposedly Les Diaboliques (same director) is kind of in the horror vein so that's on the list too. I'm not really into creature features or torture porn. Saw movies to me are just god-awful boring.

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According to the article they'd have to sell CNN before a merger could happen.

How does Murdoch have $80b?! I'm sure it's mostly stock and whatnot but still. News Corp itself is not even worth that last time I checked.

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@docwattson: I always kind of expected that was the case but I never knew for sure. Either way, it definitely seems like they are still friends and cool with each other so I wonder if it's completely out of the question. I mean, she may want to stay on the dev side at this point regardless.

My vote, if we're not bringing any more of the old gang back is Sir Daniel O'Dwyer. Rykert would be cool.