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According to the article they'd have to sell CNN before a merger could happen.

How does Murdoch have $80b?! I'm sure it's mostly stock and whatnot but still. News Corp itself is not even worth that last time I checked.

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@docwattson: I always kind of expected that was the case but I never knew for sure. Either way, it definitely seems like they are still friends and cool with each other so I wonder if it's completely out of the question. I mean, she may want to stay on the dev side at this point regardless.

My vote, if we're not bringing any more of the old gang back is Sir Daniel O'Dwyer. Rykert would be cool.

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Feel like this might be relevant again (but probably not)....with VinnCo conquering New York. My vote would be John Drake - funny as hell, and already has rapport with the Bombcrew. Danny O'dwyer would also be awesome - mainly cause I love the idea of Giant Bomb poaching hires from Gamespot.

Drake didn't get let go in the recent layoffs did he? That would be really shitty for him after all the pimping he did to get the new Amplitude made.

Now that Mythic has been dissolved by EA, what do you guys think the chances are of Carrie coming back into the fold?

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I do not envy whoever is going to be the new on air talent. Filling Vinny's shoes is like trying to fill the shoes of someone with really really big feet. Like freakishly big.

You know what they say about guys with freakishly big feet...

They've got long socks? Is that what they say?

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I do not envy whoever is going to be the new on air talent. Filling Vinny's shoes is like trying to fill the shoes of someone with really really big feet. Like freakishly big.

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Wow. Happy for Vinny because it sounds like this is really what he wants but man, I feel like the way all the guys play off each other is what makes the Bombcast and UPF my favorite things on this site and Vinny is a huge part of that. Vinny calling in for the Bombcast could probably work but I'm not so sure UPF will ever be the same again. Good luck, Vinny. You're my favorite turd.

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Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Still, all good moves for XBOne as a platform. It's a bit funny MS using the "you asked, we listened" move on this though. Haven't people been bitching about the XBL Gold pay wall for Netflix for years?

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@csl316 said:

Server? I hardly even know her!

What am I doing.

Practicing for Vaudeville?

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So the thing is, while people who backed this Kickstarter for Oculus are wrong for being pissed about this, I'm glad they are. Kickstarter, as it exists today, is for chumps and the Oculus Rift is the best example yet of why it's for chumps.

Clearly Oculus had the chance to go the VC route or 'angel investor' route before taking their idea to Kickstarter and either were denied or figured Kickstarter was the better option. Either way, Oculus Rift would never have been in the position to be acquired by Facebook without being Kickstarted (and if it had only been funded to the initial $250k they asked for, probably would still not exist). Now, that said, the Oculus Kickstarter proved that crowd sourcing is a viable form of funding things that are more than just niche products but also things that are financially viable as well. Take both those facts together and it becomes clear that a "gamers hedge fund" could do a lot of the good things Kickstarter does while also providing gamers a potential financial benefit from their benevolence. Problem is, why would any schmuck choose that option while free money is available from a bunch of people who have no real recourse if you don't deliver what you promise or if it's shit, and have absolutely no stake in your company if you do one day become profitable and get bought out or become the next billion-dollar IPO.

In short, if you're pissed about not benefiting from the Oculus buyout, don't back stuff on Kickstarter. If you just care about getting the thing itself, don't back stuff on Kickstarter because there's no guarantee you'll get "what you paid for". If you are super-idealistic and don't really care if you get the thing you back but think it would be cool if the thing exists one day and you get one, by all means, continue as you were.

Personally, between stuff like the Oculus buyout, Ouya being a hunk of shit, not to mention the latter selling at retail before some backers got their kits, I continue to feel pretty good in my choice to not back anything on Kickstarter ever. Because it's for chumps.

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I'd like to believe there is a 'good' reason for this. Maybe BI didn't sell what it needed to and Irrational was going to be forced into something they didn't want to make (like that Mafia 3 project supposedly kicking around various 2K studios?). Maybe 2K said "if Ken leaves, we shutter Irrational" and Ken and the higher ups at Irrational thought they could do it in a more 'humane' way themselves, finding people jobs as they slowly bring the studio to a close. Unfortunately unless people from inside Irrational spill the beans, we probably won't find out any time soon, if ever.

Let's not forget what happened with Criterion. Small group splinters off and keeps the Criterion name, the majority of the studio gets absorbed into Ghost Games as Ghost Games UK. They make a pretty excellent NFS game and a couple months later Ghost Games UK is shuttered anyway. It's not a given that if Ken left and went on his merry way that Irrational was long for this world anyway.