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YOU DEFEATED Been away from Oolacile for a while, family visiting . . . Finally got in there . . . I stopped trying to back away and hit him with fire orbs. I strafed him with great combustion. I also got a +15 Eagle shield. I summoned Sif; he helped distract Manus sporadically so I could drink a flask. On the victorious run I realized my great combustion was doing less than my usual damage because I had forgotten to swap out Covetous Gold Serpent for Bellowing Dragoncrest after my last humanities farm. I swapped em midbattle! I know a lot of you guys have already beaten him on a naked, Calamity Ring, 1 hp no healing Gauntlet of Thorns roll damage only run . . .

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@Hungry: Okay, you are giving me hope . . .

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After failing to defeat Ornstein & Smough fat man first, and failing to defeat them all-melee (used pyromancy), I thought I was reconciled to exile from gamers' Valhalla. But my failure against Manus in NG+ is shaming me further. I know you guys can't really help without a specific breakdown of my build. I'm just hoping an abyss can weep, and looking for any advice on what's worked for my esteemed colleagues out there. I'm basically trying to dodge and hit him with pyromancy. I've gotten him down to about 40% health, once; 50%, a few times. Should be doable, right? But I can't seem to close the deal. If the dark magic doesn't kill me, the six hit combo does. Sif doesn't help much.

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I have played and enjoyed Journey . . . looks like a lot of votes for Portal . . . I thought the novel (prequel) was very good, and added depth to my second playthrough . . . Hope the dis of Bioshock 2 will be something I end up disagreeing with.

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Just finished my first two playthroughs of Bioshock, read the novel, now I need a palate cleanser before savoring Bioshock 2. Unplayed games on the shelf include Portal, and Halflife 2 . . . Any other suggestions?

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The Wikia page on Vita Chambers states that splicers can't use them because they are still in testing, and, as per Suchong's audiodiary, are only keyed to Andrew Ryan's genetic frequency. But surely a product still in testing would not be distributed throughout Rapture. Only once testing was complete, the Vita Chambers were no longer keyed specifically to Ryan's genetic frequency, and had advanced into production, would they be placed in every part of the city. Or am I missing something?

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@McShank: Spells made it easier? I never had time to get one off against them.

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@Ghost249: Solo . . . I just didn't seem to have the patience to keep evading them until the moment was ripe to strike (over and over) . . . I admire those who do . . .

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I hoped to take Smough first, all melee . . . Then I hoped for Ornstein first, all melee . . . Finally I had to settle for Ornstein first, all pyro . . . These guys were destroying me . . .

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Thanks for all the responses . . . I was in the middle of moving to another state and haven't been on the computer for a while . . . I have taken some of the advice, been levelling up endurance . . . I also have been staying away from the kiln, PvPing other places, and seem to encounter more honorable duels, fewer technical backstab tournaments . . . I still get defeated a lot, but have had some satisfying battles, including some of those defeats . . . Probably the most pitiful episode was getting stuck between two roots in Lost Izalith, unable to walk, back hop, anything . . . two magic bolts killed me from above . . . I never even saw my opponent . . . Then there was the guy who threw a fireball at me while I was bowing to him . . . But overall, good times . . .

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