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The Ys games are fun action RPGs that you may have overlooked. Legend of heroes is a really fun RPG with a good story. Patapon is a ton of fun, i liked them a lot so I think you'll be happy you bid on those.

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I love the soundtrack so far.  Some of the songs get a little repetitive after a while since you're in the same area for a really long time especially if you're messing around with the sidequests.  But I think its top-notch.

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Anyone ever play the original Wild Arms on the Playstation?

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Ohhh I forgot about Diablo 3.    Yup Diablo 3.

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I'd probably take Xenoblade Chronicles.  Distant second would be AC 3.

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I just finished this one about a week ago and I was impressed.  I downloaded it off of the PSN and played it on my Vita.  The story was okay, kind of generic but I liked the anime style of it.  The bosses were a lot of fun but I agree about the difficulty spike.  I remember thinking "damn the first boss is this hard after the dungeon was that easy?"   There were a couple bosses that I lowered the difficulty on a few times before I was able to beat them.  It took me about 12 hours to beat which was perfect for this kind of game.  First Ys game I've played and I'll probably play Ys 7 in the future

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Sony consoles have been pretty damn good lately and I'm impressed with the Vita.  I would be more so if there were more games scheduled to come out for it.  I would like to say Sony but they've been in some financial trouble lately so I'm not sure.  The WiiU looks gimmicky just like the Wii did.  Mario, Zelda and Smash Bros are always awesome though.  I think Microsoft understands what I want out of a gaming console.  I'll have to wait and see.

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This guy has a really good blog about learning Japanese and he's attained a really high level with this method.  I think its a pretty good strategy for learning any language not just Japanese.  You can take classes and they will help, but when it comes to learning the language, your main resource is going to be your own passion and will power to learn it.  In order to get to a high level, you have to study it for a long time and pretty consistently, I'm talking like two years.  I've been studying the language for about 7 years on and off, and while I can have conversations and know about 500 kanji or so, I'm still a long ways away from being able to understand the news, video games, anime etc.  I've learned a few languages up to a high level (French and Arabic) and for me the key has always been consistency and passion.  The materials and methods you use are definitely behind those two things in determining your success in learning the language.
Another good website is
 The forums there are an awesome resource and theres a lot of success stories of people who've learned Japanese from scratch to a high level.  Good Luck!
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I've been playing with the JP voices. I had the English voices on for the first hour or so, but most English voice acting in a JRPG sounds really cheesy to me for some reason.

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Blue Stinger was hilarious. I remember being blown away by the graphics when it came out but the voice acting was terrible.

There's always Resident Evil: Code Veronica which was originally on the Dreamcast and I remember another survival horror game called Carrier that came out for it that was kind of cool at the time, but probably pretty dated by today's standards.

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