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@lilburtonboy7489: Drunk or not, that was awesome. You were able to better sum up how I feel than I could sober. Well said. Maybe I should drink more.

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@cnlmullen: This is no offense to you or your statement as I understand your point. But you have to admit it is kind of sad. Some people won't take the time to get to know people that live right next door, or even some family members they have lost contact with; but when a celeb dies it's a tragedy that rocks the foundations of their life. I kind of have a problem with that. My wife was upset over Amy Winehouse dying, but if our next door neighbor died (a good hardworking man) she wouldn't care. Why is Amy Winehouse greater than Reggie (next door neighbor). Also, she might have a one way relationship with Amy, but she can talk to Reggie or his wife if she wanted, Amy Winehouse didn't know my wife existed. This is why I think some people complain. At least this is why it bothers me that people go on and on about how this is so horrible. Yes, death is horrible, but how about getting involved talking to people you can actually know rather than worrying about what some celeb is eating for breakfast. People need to form caring relationships with people rather than acting like this famous person was your best friend, because no matter what people think, a one sided relationship kind of isn't real. Yes, people might know them as far as facts, but they don't "KNOW" them. That's the point.

My grandfather dying was tragic, to Amy's Mom I'm sure her death is tragic. I don't understand how you can get completely emotionally wrapped up in someone you don't know. Maybe the loss of her music is tragic (I don't think this though I wasn't a fan) to a person that doesn't really know her. Having a one sided emotional bond is something that is a little strange. Keep in mind I work in the media and someone being "famous" doesn't mean jack to me, so maybe that's why it seems weird to me. If I told you there was a dude named Jack that was a great father and husband and contributed a lot to the field engineering, but he wasn't famous. You might say, "Wow, that's awful, and you might even mean it as the story might have touched you." But you aren't going to go on Facebook and any other form of social media and start posting about Jack's Tragic death and how it was a loss to the world, which it may have been. But the thing is, Jack is not famous, so we don't give a crap enough to acknowledge it that way, and that my friend is the point, we idolize the famous whether they deserve it or not. There are some real famous A-holes, but when they die all we will hear about is how it is such a tragic loss.

This post is by no means meant to offend anyone. I enjoy constructive debate and this post should be treated as such.

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Maybe I am a heartless bastard, but I find myself not caring at all about her death. Don't get me wrong I don't wish death on anyone, but it was most likely her own doing through drug abuse/addiction. There are 10's of thousands of people who die every day, but because she was famous everyone cares about her. I've actually heard her sing live with the the band removed and no vocal assistance and it was actually quite an atrocious performance, so she didn't even seem to be a good singer.

Keep in mind these are only my opinions.

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Thanks guys.  Good to know that it isn't only me having the issue.

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I tried to start a game collection list and when I clicked on add to list the "My Game Collection" option is "greyed" out and I can't add it.  Sometimes the "My Wish List" Option is greyed out as well.  The funny thing is I went to the Grid (the game) page and the "Game Collection" and "Wish List" options were greyed out.  I closed the lists box, clicked on add to list again and then the wish list option was no longer greyed out (however game collection still was).  I still get the hand icon when I mouse over the greyed out list options, but when I click nothing happens.

Is this a site issue?  Is something wrong with my browser (I have the newest Firefox installed... I literally just downloaded it 30 minutes ago)?