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not hard, and im not saying it's poorly done either, i love it... its just not quite right theres somthing dodgy about it which im struggling to put my finger on but it definatley has somthing to do with the powerade you mentioned
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i don't know how anyone else is finding it but im really struggling to get into it, i was so excited about it coming out, but since getting it on tuesday i've struggled to get imersed into it. i mean when i first stuck it in the ps3 i was blown away at just how smooth the aiming was and the graphics aswell. but the second the tutorial bit finished and it got into the real action i just found it difficult to enjoy myself, for one once you start getting shot at badly your screwed because you cant see anything on screen other than a big red smear and bits of broken glass meaning the warnings about getting to cover are useless because you cant see anything, and then theres the objectives themselves which are for the most part totally unclear, a few times now i've just gotten totally confused because i don't know what im meant to be doing cause i can't hear the orders or have the time to read the sub titles on screen because im too busy getting shot to hell. 
it's sort of ruined it for me, i still love the game and plan on finishing it but won't be feeling all warm and cosy inside when i do. the frustration of it is making me pay less attention to the story and more on just trying to get it over and done with, whereas with CoD4 i knew what was going on and could spend more time feeling totally engrossed in the story rather than just reading the blurb on the back cover and skimming over the first couple of pages. 
how has everyone else found it? is it just me, do i need to leave it alone and get a decent night sleep before playing it again? haha.
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listen if the RAF chinook helicopter pilots can fly with night vision goggles, well god dammit im gunna drive my mother fucking car :P
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today it was debated in parliment about the violent content of the game... yes another video game saprking major moral debate about violence in video games and the effects on the children. 
i find it oddly amusing that our economy still is in the grasp of reccession yet all parliment can find to fill their time is debate about content of video games; for starters the game is classified at BBFC 18+ meaning it is an offence for a retailer to sell the game to anyone under that age so there you go problem sorted to the full extent of the law and there isnt much more you can do about it, secondly activision are expecting to shift 3 million copies off the shelves in the first week in britain alone that works out to be around £120,000,000 injected into the economy in 1 week with £18,000,000 going straight into the governments pockets to pay for things like maitenence on their moat, and kinky ppv porn for their husbands etc.  
it leaves me in dis-belief that this argument still rages on and in such times aswell why cause controversy over somthing which is going to benefit the country so well? instead of slamming activision MP's should be thanking them for the nice tidy christmas bonus they're all going to receive as a result 
this is a debate with no end theres always going to be a violent video game and short of total censorship in a nanny state nothing will ever be done about i just hope those bastards in whitehall realise this so they can stop waisting my tax money debating about this bullshit.

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yeah the pub is far more likely than work or sleep :P
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no matter how much i would love to skip work on tuesday i work for a games retailer and will be turning up at 7am to sell the game to the lucky bastards who can skip work to play it lmao
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yes they'll do it for £27 but... wait no not dramatic enough BUTTTTTTT... they will only have a max of 20 copies per store after staff have delved into them so unless you're currently camping in a checkout right now you have no chance... ever thought about going to a shop that offers a reduced price to people who pre-order and accept trade-ins? 
oh also by the way apparently tesco will be doing it for £9.99 the catch being you have to buy one of their top 10 games priced at £39.99 the second little catch to the story is they're going to re-organise their top 10 to be utterly appaling games which have been out for 18 months plus and are probably only worth £10-£15...  supermarkets always do this with big releases but ultimateley 95% of people usually end up disapointed after they have sold out instantly.
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i would, however, looking at that spreadsheet this is going to favour yanks as i saw no one in the list in GMT so while you're all giantbombing i'd either be at work or asleep. 
have fun though
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cod4 was actually PEGI rated 16+ in the uk meaning it could technically be sold to anyone as PEGI isn't a legal age restriction in the UK. 
but mw2 being rated an 18 wont have any effect at all on sales, i work in a game shop and the majority of people who own GTA IV are under the age of 15 even 12 simply because parents dont give a shit.
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thats why we have the sense to not build a massive fire in our own garden but rather a publicly owned field with plenty of exits