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Simply put; don't waste your money bro.

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I've been playing the crap out of my latest gaming additon Dawnguard for Skyrim. Definitely one of the best expansions I've ever played! Sadly enough those of you on PC can't play for another week or so... SORRY!

But hey, I'm sure you'll survive.

Best of luck to those of you exploring the newest content from Bethesda! Peace!

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DAWN GUARD IS FINALLY HERE! Many of you have been waiting for this day since it's announcement a few months ago! Well wait no longer! Finally a DLC package for an amazing game like Skyrim!

SKYRIM is an absolutely amazing game all by itself. But this isn't a review on the basic game. Instead, about the newest DLC, Dawnguard! For the manageable price of 1600 Microsoft Points (20$), you can have it downloaded in a matter of minutes from XBLA or at the main menu of the game under "Game Addons".

Sadly this content won't be available for those of you gamers that sit in the PS3 or PC section of the world. Sorry guys, you just have to be patient.

The only requirements for beginning the Dawnguard questline is a minimum level of 10. ( And having bought it of coarse)Warning! ! ! --- [May contain spoilers for the beginning quests]

Once you set foot into a capital city talk to a guard and he/she will tell you about the reconfiguration of the Dawnguard; a vampire genocide group that has just reestablished in Skyrim. But before you can talk to a guard the Orc Durak may walk up and attempt to recruit you. Either way you are told to go to Fort Dawnguard which is located south of Riften.

The beginning starts out like any other where you just become familiarized with new people, factions, and any extra specialties added to the game. In this case you firstly learn of the uprising "vampire menace" and how they are a special breed; more powerful than the rest. Basic Elder Scrolls storytelling techniques are used heavily to get you on your way to adventure. You barely share many words with the leader of the Dawnguard Isram before he has you investigating a potential lead in a mysterious new cave! Even though most of us have heard the same thing a thousand times while playing this franchise, I'm not any less excited to begin.

After slashing your way through many a vampire you enter a dark room with a massive circle of pillars atop a round slab of rock in the center. Simply dispatch a few more blood suckers, and you are ready to solve a classic Skyrim puzzle. Because it only took you a minute or two to figure it out, naturally, you're excited about yourself. But nothing could prepare you for what happens next... You get to meet a pretty little vampire with a pretty not so little Scroll upon her back.

After a quick little introduction you are told to take her home. Her "home" just so happens to be the infamous Castle Volkihar. Home to many of the deadliest and most ancient vampires of Tamriel... And her father is the Lord of them all! For saving his daughter he gives you the opportunity to be rewarded with the gift of vampirism; which is where you make you choice of allegiance. Dawnguard= NO Gift l Vampire= YES gift


This new form, the Vampire Lord, doesn't take no for an answer.
This new form, the Vampire Lord, doesn't take no for an answer.

Both story lines, vampire and Dawnguard alike are both very similar. They only vary at a few quests in the earlier game play and a few different choice selections can be made to differ. For that I am a bit saddened. Many people really wanted both stories to be nonlinear in most respects. Don't get me wrong, they're both amazing. Just in the same way.

Any Skyrim player will rejoice at the new quests and territories given to us through this DLC. Some of the new areas are the most beautiful in the game! And what a better way to appreciate fine video game art than with the ressurection of the crossbow!? If you focus on your ranged combat skills then you'll be happy with this new toy. It's nothing to special damage wise but overall the crossbow may give you a breath of fresh air.

One of the newest baddies.
One of the newest baddies.

The story telling itself is flawless as usual when it comes to The Elder Scolls lore. Just the fact that I'm enjoying a game that's about vampires and werewolves and it's not Twilight makes me very happy indeed. Though it is unoriginal, this basis of lore does make the game any less fun. I'm sure everyone will take away something different from their adventures. Considering the massive amount of new content and quests, it carries much replay value!

OVERALL the game is a huge success and everyone should play it!

These are a few new additions to the game

Death Hounds- A feisty little vampiric dog Gargoyles- Stone defense creatures that serve the vampires

Armored Trolls- ...Self-explained Vampire Lord Form- The "gift" of the Vampires

Arvak the Soul Horse- A new mount found in the Soul Cairn Dragon Bone Weaponry- Can now be crafted

Dawnguard and Vampire Armour Sets Werewolf and Vampire form Spec Trees

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#4 Edited by Grambo (35 posts) -

@DaemonBlack: I've already played through as a Hunter. Right now I'm going through the story as a vampire. The vampire form is more mage friendly while the Dawnguard is more apt for bow user's.

The vampire form is crazy powerful though!

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#5 Posted by Grambo (35 posts) -

Not sure if it matters, but I play on the Xbox 360. I haven't had hardly any problems. Especially any that ultimately take away from the amazing game play and experience.

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Hey guys! Just wondering if some of you may want a review for Dawnguard? Well I'm working hard on one right now so it shall hopefully be ready by tomorrow! If you've played through Dawnguard so far, what are your opinions? Concerns? Etc.

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Awful... Terrible... Boring... These are just a few of the words someone may use to describe the newest Elder Scrolls DLC... IF YOU'RE STUPID!! Yes folks, Dawnguard is here! And oh man, is it booming!

Early yesterday morning I woke up to the sight of the Dawnguard DLC package ready to be bought from XBLA. The awesome thing is, it can ONLY be bought on XBOX, for a few days, so haha to all of you other platform gamers. (:P JK) For the small price of 1600 Micro-points (=20$), you can buy the DLC. A funny part about it is it's only like 500 megabites or something crazy like that. So for those of you lacking hard drive space, this won't take much of a toll.


WELL! To begin the journey into this new series of questlines you must talk to ANY guard throughout the major cities. They should mention something about the new Dawnguard cult uprising. Only restriction is you must be at a minimum of level 10 to begin. I recommend being 20 before you start it because of difficulty purposes. You may also be approached by a member of the group, but I personally just started a conversation with the infamous "Arrow in the Knee" cheerleaders. After that you are told to head off to try and get into the Dawnguard at their home base which is located south of Riften.

I don't wish to really give many spoilers so I'll just let this be it. But I will be releasing a full review of the DLC once I play through both sides; Vampire and Dawnguard. I've already beaten the Dawnguard storyline on my main character. So I should have the review later today or tomorrow.

Please follow me for updated news and whatever else you wish to see! Thank you!

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@Village_Guy: Well here's my thought's on originality. If you come out with an MMO on a console, you HAVE to be different than any other game ever made. New mechanics, new game play, and new end game PvE/Pvp.

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This probably isn't the time to be asking for such a thing, considering how there are very few MMO's for PC that are worth playing themselves. But I really wish some developers would act upon the potential there is for the next generation of consoles. Only time will tell if my wishes will be answered. All I know is the time I had playing WoW is still some of the most memorable and entertaining times I have ever had on a game. What are your thoughts? Or maybe I just don't know about an MMO on console that's any good. Please let me know!

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Where can I find out where this is playing?

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