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CRAP!! im so sorry but i posted the wrong URL. im sure you worked it out but it was actually a .au domain name. the original post has been fixed
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i agree with you completely and utterly. i dont use steam any more because of this. a website you might wanna check out is:  they have excellent prices and free delivery. ive used them myself many times
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again i mostly go there to watch his videos which are quite funny. also in his defense he isnt really like that he admits he over analyses because no one watches otherwise. its their strict rules and pretentions of maturity that got to me. every topic must have "potential for discussion"...what that actually means seems to change on a daily basis...but if you need a quick answer to a question, "hi guys will a ps1 controller work on a ps2" etc you will be placed on probation.   
not to mention that  you see endless topics that try to be insightful and poignant but in reality reek of trying way too hard to sound intelligent    

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well i go there because of the video content which is pretty funny. its just the culture that surrounds it that makes me wanna spew.
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ive spent a few days over there and christ ive never seen a bigger bunch of stuck up elitist jerks with senses of humor reading somewhere in the negative. makes me take this place for granted thats for sure
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well i would reccomend you play as a human noble for the first play through. it makes the story a touch more personal in my opinion. also playing as a female from that origin can lead to a bonus if you chose a certain male romance. 
on the flipside playing as a dwarf gives you a much better understanding of their world and what makes it tick, so dwarf noble is also a good choice. 
on the OTHER flip side, if you want to play in easy mode without actuallly picking easy mode play as a mage. they are so hilariously overpowered it makes the game twice as fun. 
thats all i can really tell you other than expect to be entertained for at least 100 hours.
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the stealth game is one of my favourite genres, but also one of the most easy to fuck up (see indigo prophecy and far cry 2 for good examples of broken stealth) 
however when done right it can be some of the most satisfying gaming you can have. as such ive created this topic to pay tribute to some of the best stealth mechanics in games. i'll list a few and i encourage you to post your own. 
1. Thief. 
The original and still the very best. dipping out of shadows has never been more easy or fun. 
2. Batman arkham asylum. 
Options galore. you can sneak up for a silent take down, grab them from the roof, kick them from the air, hit them with a batarang, the choice is yours. plus being able to move fast AND silent means less frustration.  
3. The warriors.  
Linear, simple and one dimensional, but most importantly fun and non frustrating. one of the many elements that stopped this game being a repetative borefest.  
4. MGS3 
Camoflauge. The emphasis isnt staying out of the line of sight, but blending in with your environment. watching from the bushes as a guard walks 1cm away from you. I know mgs4 made it so much smoother with octocamo but i list this because it came first and was much more of a stealth based game than 4 which had a much more action oriented experience. 
5. splinter cell. 
much like thief and mgs before it, but it was the combination of those elements and the flexibility of sam that made it special. plus michael ironside. 
i could go on and on but i risk getting into TL:DR  territory so i leave it at that. feel free to add your own suggestions.
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@TheHBK said:

"if its in the game it aint cheap - Ryan Davis"

just because he said it don't make it correct. i guess the javelin glitch in MW2 wasnt cheap because it existed?  
and pessh your comments are only making me dislike competitive people more and more if fair play is considered naive.
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well there goes my faith in humanity then
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if your choosing to side with that elitist dipshit then your asking for your opinion to be invalidated.