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@steadying: @seikenfreak: I'm Aegis Heaslip on Ultros. I had a link to my character profile in the first caption but it looks like the GB editor ate it. Don't worry, I'm in the Giant Bomb Free Company.

I figure I'll still mostly be doing dungeons with randoms until level 50 since I'm coming in so late. I have yet to have a bad dungeon experience -- someone (usually the tank, FWIW) seems to always know what they're doing, and as a healer I'm naturally in a passive position. On the other hand, I have only the vaguest sense of how to clear the dungeons I've run -- I've spent most of my time following the group and/or staring at the party list.

@steadying: @zeik: @rorie: Anecdotally, I've hit CNJ 30 and ARC 15 with a month of on-and-off casual play. I've been playing very inefficiently -- exploring around the towns, reading everything (and it's a pretty wordy game), doing excess lower-level quests, etc. I bet a dedicated MMO power player could hit 50 in a month without playing that excessively. Hearing that the leveling process was fairly streamlined was a big factor in my choice to give FFXIV a shot.

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@seikenfreak: That Guildhest theme is also a good one. As you say, it's hard narrowing down a list, so I picked the most immediately memorable stuff. Thanks for being conscientious about the spoilers, but chances are I've seen whatever it is :) -- it's tough to avoid the names of end-game stuff when you're playing an MMO.

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I’ve been following your adventures in this game via Twitter with some amusement. My initial feeling is that this is all a little much for me (no value judgment implied), but on the other hand you did recommend two of my favourite games I’ve played this year (Project Diva F and FFXIV). I could see myself checking this out if it’s on sale – if just because I need to know.

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@grantheaslip: That entire TNT was gold

Perfect -- thanks for finding that! Here's the moment I was thinking of:

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I'm going to pick a really deep cut here since I figure a lot of the best stuff will be accounted for: I remember Jeff doing something that I found oddly hilarious at 1h20m of this TNT. I don't have a premium subscription anymore so you'll have to trust two-years-ago me's judgement on this.

That definitely came to mind as well.

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@audiobusting said:

That seems in line to the majority of disappointed opinions on the game, which is a shame. I gotta admit, the game doesn't teach its players how to play the game very well, expecting us to have our own desire to perform better. One thing they didn't explain very well is the Dodge Offset mechanic they borrowed from Bayonetta, where you can use dodges to extend your combos, which makes dodging extra fun. Some other things are the difference between yellow and red flashes, and how Zandatsu can be used as an attack cancel. It's really satisfying to figure those mechanics out and look super cool executing them, which is why it's a bummer that you can just go through the whole game missing that whole bit. It's really a high-score game at heart, so much that hardest difficulties straight up break the canon by introducing enemies in unlikely places.

They seem to be trying to reconcile that a bit better in Bayonetta 2, in which I heard that healing items don't even bring your score down anymore. Bayonetta might have the larger set of combos, but it's also simpler to get into. I hope you'll like that better!

I stumbled across Dodge Offset on my own on several occasions and gradually pieced together what was happening, though I had no idea it was the Dodge Offset I’d heard mentioned elsewhere. I also had no idea how to use it any kind of meaningful way, but hey, I’m practically a pro!

I don’t know if I’d describe Revengeance as a disappointment since my expectations were so vague. A lot of my problems have very little to do with the quality of the game, so it would be odd to characterize it as disappointing on those grounds.

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@tobbrobb said:

Yeah the game has some problems for sure. A couple of which I think you got. Though I'll note that the dodge move is weak on purpose, they wanted the parry system to be 90% of your defense because it thematically fitting for Raiden as a character, on top of that the enemies are designed to telegraph and attack rarely enough to accomodate that. The timing is also pretty forgiving for a parry. It's definitely a rough adjustment if you aren't used to it though, I struggled at first for sure because all my muscles told me to jump every attack or press a non-existant roll button.

Yeah, as you say, I understand why the parry system is the way it is (and why the dodge move as as weak as it is), but it ran counter to my gaming instincts. I'm someone who even dodges attacks in Zelda games, and I remember doing it as far back as Link’s Awakening. When I see an attack coming all I want to do is dodge out of it.

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@damodar said:

It's a shame to hear that bits of the gameplay didn't really click for you, because it's definitely a game that gets more and more rewarding the more you play it and get better at it. Although I did enjoy my initial playthrough, the way I was playing after completing it several times on increasingly higher difficulties, it almost became a different game. Learning the ins and outs of the systems, but also the different enemies, I got to a point where I felt like the ridiculous badass that they make Raiden out to be in the cutscenes. Obviously, it's ridiculous from the start and you're cutting a Metal Gear in half within minutes of starting the game, but the skill ceiling is high enough that you can really elevate your level of play and feel like a bit of a monster, mastering the parries and learning how to use zandatsu outside of just after a successful parry etc.

It's just a shame about some of the characters. I actually quite like Monsoon, Sundowner and Mistral and Sam is probably the best character in the game, but the Boris, Kevin, Courtney and Doktor team is just aaawful and so is that George punk.

Since you specify that you prefer dodging over blocking, you might like Bayonetta a lot! It has a really cool mechanic where if you dodge just at the last possible moment, time slows way down for everything except her, it's super satisfying. The issue you might have is that the movelist is rather enourmous in comparison to Revengeance, but please don't let that put you off; it's such an incredible game and it sounds like the sequel is going to be amazing as well!

If I didn’t know that Bayonetta was around the corner I might have tried to plow through Revengeance on hard to force myself to get better. I could also see myself coming back to Revengeance if I end up getting way into Bayonetta.

I'd heard about Witch Time and it sounds like exactly what I want it to be. The last-second dodge counter in Killer is Dead was probably my favourite thing about that game and, as I understand it, Witch Time is basically that.

Mistral was really cool – I would have liked to have seen more of her instead of cutting her frozen body into a million pieces like 10 minutes after I met her. Her boss fight is probably the thing that most stands out to me about Revengeance. I didn’t spend much time in the Codec, but I was fairly okay with the support team in the cutscenes. Even George ended up growing on me. That recurring coffee cup joke was so stupid it kind of circled around and became amusing.

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@arbitrarywater said:

The sentiment that DmC isn't a "real" character action game is a tad elitist. It might not be anywhere near as technical as Devil May Cry 3 and 4, and people have plenty of valid problems with it, but I still thought it was fine on its own merits. I am also not a super video game wizard and cannot beat every single mission of Devil May Cry 3 without taking damage on the hardest difficulty, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

@frostyryan said:

People who say the DmC reboot isn't a real character action game are just...wrong...and pissed because they didn't like the game. I don't like DMC2 but it's still a character action game.

The best character action games IMO are DMC3, God of War 3, and Bayonetta. but I guess in a few more days I'll easily be replacing Bayo with Bayo2.

I should have worded that part better. I don’t think the people I’m paraphrasing are saying that it’s not a “real” character action game so much as they’re saying that it doesn’t hang with the top tier in terms of depth, nuance, or reward. It’s more of a “Mortal Kombat 4 might be a fun fighting game, but it’s not a Fighting Game in the sense that 3rd Strike is” argument. Claiming that Mortal Kombat 4 isn’t a fighting game at all would, of course, be ridiculous. (Again, I’m paraphrasing stuff I’ve heard online and from a few friends -- grain of salt, of course.)

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@marokai said:

@mpgeist said:

I had my girlfriend try the demo, just to see her reaction and she fell in love with Bayonetta. She doesn't really play action games like this but she had so much fun playing a strong female. It was really surprising, but cool to see. She thought the sexual elements were funny. Sometimes I think this stuff is just analyzed too much...or my girlfriend is super cool.

When I was younger my best friend (a girl, and as much of an obsessive gamer as I was) first got in to Final Fantasy through X-2. Where a bunch of men saw it as a game that exploited female characters for creepy, sexist fan service, she saw strong independent girls making their own lives for themselves and kicking ass without anyone else's help, and it opened her up to a series she had never really tried before.

I think sometimes us progressive dudes try a little too hard.

In cases like this, I sometimes wonder if there isn't something inherently sexist about a man being offended about the sexualization of characters on behalf of "women" who are presumed to be turned off by it – as if "women" share the same preferences and can't speak for themselves.

When I was writing about FFXIII, a female friend of mine read me hand-wringing about the female character costumes and said something along the lines of "I think Lightning's super hot." I thought about it, and said "yeah, me too." There was something very freeing about just saying what I thought and not feeling bad about it on behalf of her.

Years ago, a girl I knew similarly explained her love for X-2 – a game I was familiar with mostly because of the aforementioned fanservice stuff. I don't remember the details, but I remember being amused by the fact that her favourite aspects of the game were the aspects subject to the most hand-wringing from enthusiast gaming dudes.

It would be stupid to read too much into a couple of anecdotes, but I do think back to them (and other similar episodes) when I have the urge to be offended about sexualization on behalf of the opposite gender. There are, of course, self-contained reasons to not like Bayonetta 2, but I think a lot of progressives (and I know I fall into this trap sometimes) have a hard time separating stuff they're personally uncomfortable with from things they feel like they should be uncomfortable with on behalf of someone else. There's a time and place for solidarity, but there's a danger of advocating based on patronizing assumptions about what you assume someone else might be offended by if they only knew what you know about their attitudes and values.