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@Cybexx: wow awesome cover,what book is this?.

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I really don't a have problem with the score given to the game by the Eurogamer journalist.

people are entitled to their own opinions,unfortunately we live in a world of followers,not leaders and if an individual disagrees

with the rest of the world,he's wrong.that's he's review of the game,not every game needs a 9 or 10,I understand that.

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@dlwarner: you got that right.

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I really like the dialog in the game,is a shame...because from what I've seen,that's pretty much it.

which is not enough.

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is Ryan's I assure you. as a fan of the original,I play a hell of a lot better than offense Ryan lol. 
if you play the first one, the controls feels very much alike with the difference being in the layout 
of the Wii and NES controllers. yes the game is hard but not as hard as the original.  
yeah I know how you feel about the camera not being centered. I think the developers 
did it on purpose to retain the feel of the far I'm having a lot of fun with the game.
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this is actually a great game. as a fan of the original,(which I played to death),I can honestly say  
that the original is a lot harder. 
but this game is really a good.if you had no problems with the original in terms of  
difficulty,you"ll be fine.this game is 8-bit as its finest.