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+1 on the can't change my password train. Any assistance would be appreciated. Cheers.

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If you're still taking people for this I'm down.

gravitypenguin (gb/psn)

Region: US, west coast

Level: not-rusty

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I am in like you wouldn't believe. :D

gravitypenguin (gb) / gravitypenguin (psn)

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Probably Shoals. I've had the most luck with her at NCR and EVO.

That said once I've got the real thing I'll be able to get a better handle on what fits my style.

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Soooo Results:

1st: FluxWaveZ (12+0)

1st: aznjon12 (6+6)

3rd: gravitypenguin (6+0)

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A reminder to participants - please join our irc channel (link in the first post) so I know who to invite and for communication purposes.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

Alright, I might be able to make it for this. Can't say that I'll be able to be there for the whole 3 hours duration, if that's alright.

That's fine the three hours is just the hard time limit since we'll need to stop at some point :)

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@SteepInKline said:

Any chance of there being a 360 tournament as well?

If you want to run one for the same time go for it! I don't have any plans to do so myself, however.

I'm all for 360 events as well, but those tournaments have had poor attendance in comparison to our PS3 events and I'll have my hands full with this one.

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Giantbomb King of the Hill Tournament

In the interest of having more giantbomb community P4A events I give you the Giantbomb King of the Hill Tournament!


Saturday January 26th 12pm-3pm PST


Please be in #gb_p4a on quakenet irc to coordinate swapping people in/out of the game room if needed.

How's This Work?

We'll have one or more rooms running depending on the number of entrants. The goal is to be the person with the largest winning streak at the end of 3 hours.


If you defeat someone who's on a win streak of 10 games or more you get half their wins (rounded down) to add to your best streak. You can only add one assassination bonus to your total so use the one with the highest value.

In Summary:

Player Score = Biggest win streak + Biggest assassination bonus

Players will be responsible for keeping track of their own scores to report to me.


1st: Dead Space 2 (Retail) - PC

more maybe...















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I have no idea how well I'll be able to attend stuff in December, but count me in for now I guess.

PSN: gravitypenguin