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@gravitypenguin: So far (like... this morning and a bit of last night I've been doing 2A 5A 5B 5C into her 2C 4C 214B 2C 4C 214B 214A; what's other ways to hit confirm into the persona loop that you use? Like out of the longer range pokes than jabs, and more damaging punishes for whiffed DP's and such.

And by 41236C at the end, do you mean after the 214A or instead of it?

Yeah I meant half-circle C after 214A.

So yeah here's some basic combos that involve the persona loop:

2A 5B 5C -> persona loop (this is my preferred starter since it's part of my standard block string)

236B 236C -> persona loop (100 meter required)

66C 214A 214A 236C -> persona loop (100 meter required)

6B 214A 214A 236C -> persona loop (100 meter required)

Some other basic Orie stuff to know:

  • 236B can be charged leading to some Orie's most damaging meterless comobs: ex. 236[B] 5A 5C 623A 5A 5C 214B 2C 4C 214B 214A (+ optional 41236C)
  • 236B can be canceled into 22C on block to make it safe and give you additional time to pressure your opponent
  • You can end your persona loop early by canceling a 2C into 22A for wakeup pressure
  • Orie's "shoryuken" is not invincible aside from the 623C version and is functionally more of an anti-air than a reversal option
  • 41236C is highly invincible and can be used to punish projectiles and other moves if you have good reactions

Anyway that just scratches the surface of things, but there's some infos for ya.

edit: oh yeah my goto block string:

2A 5B 5C 2C 5A 5A 214A 214B

This is useful since it ends +frames so you can often frame trap your foe with a follow up 236B unless they're shielding at the end. Also you can mix a 6B in there at pretty much any point for an overhead.

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@belegorm by the way if you want to chat with us a number of us GB anime fighter players hang out in #GB_P4A on quakenet IRC.

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@belegorm said:

As others have mentioned, the game is out! Haven't had much of a chance to play it yet apart from messing around with it at Winter Brawl, trying out a few combos, and trying 1 ranked match (felt less laggy than USF4 by far), but so far the game has seemed really solid to me. Hopefully the devs will do some more work with balancing the game (seriously like every match at WB9 was Gordeau vs Merkava), but I have really high hopes for this game and it's really fun to play!

Anyone know of any resource for combos? I've been looking around and the amount of written resources are kind of sparse. Mostly have found youtube videos in Japanese that either don't have the moves spelled out, or the names of the moves are in Japanese so it's puzzling to figure out which move. Personally I'm looking for Orie combos.

Hello Orie buddy. The character pages over at the the mizuumi wiki - - contain combos in addition to other useful info. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.

Most of the basic combos I use involve some variation of her persona loop which is 2C 4C 214B 2C 4C 214B 214A (optional 41236C at the end)

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Thanks to everyone for a fun weekend!


Day 1:



Day 2 (top 8):



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Day 1 stream archives:

Twitch (no commentary)

Youtube (commentary)

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Thanks for a successful day one everyone. Shout outs to everyone who played and TFP for doing commentary on his stream for five hours straight.

We're down to the top 8 and will resume tomorrow at ~1pm PST.

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Okay here are the tournament round times. Technically you can start playing your matches as soon as I make the tournament live on Challonge, but these are the times beyond which I reserve the rights to DQ missing players.

If things are going quickly you're free to run "Sunday" matches on Saturday. Again I'm mostly going to play things by ear, but hopefully this gives people a general idea of when they should be around.

Saturday (start time - end time PST):

Winners bracket:

R1: 1pm - 2pm

R2: 2pm - 3pm

R3: 3pm - 4pm

Losers bracket:

R1: 1:00pm - 2:30pm

R2: 2:30pm - 3:30pm

R3: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

R4: 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Sunday (start time - end time PST):

Winners bracket:

R4 (top 8 starts): 1pm - 2pm

R5 (Semifinals): 2pm - 3pm

Finals: When losers bracket is complete

Losers bracket:

R5 (top 8): 1:00pm - 2:00pm

R6: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

R7: 3:00pm - 3:30pm

R8: 3:30pm - 4:00pm

R9 (Semifinals): 4:00pm - 4:30pm

Finals: 4:30pm - Finish

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Updated the OP with some stuff in the rules and prize section.

ATTN PARTICIPANTS: If you have not already done so please sign up for the tournament bracket on Challonge using this link. Some time either late Friday or before the tournament starts on Saturday I will freeze entry and randomize the bracket.

@gravitypenguin can you put up a rule where you should NOT skip the match intro? It's a problem online....

I added a rule for that, but won't be enforcing. It's just good sense.

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By the way just so nobody freaks out when it happens:

I'll be shuffling the seeds before the tournament starts next weekend so whatever matchup shows up for you in the current challonge bracket is probably not what you'll be starting with.

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@fluxwavez said:

I would recommend making use of an online lobby during the organization of this tournament. That was used during an earlier tournament, and it made things a whole lot faster, with players being able to meet each other and play out their matches with ease. Far easier and more efficient than relying exclusively on player lobbies and having to send out invites. Matches wouldn't be able to be streamed by a third-party that way, but finding an isolated lobby that no one is in and making it the "Giant Bomb Tournament" lobby would be the best way to do things for matches that didn't need to be streamed.

Also, what's the verdict on Margaret's use in this tournament? She'll be available for players who own the Japanese version of the game when the tourney starts, but NA version owners won't have access to her until after the tournament is over.

Don't know if there's a good answer on Margaret, but let's go with "characters not available in NA version are not tournament legal" on account of this being a NA launch tournament.

Reminder to entrants - The tournament is coming up in about a week and a half now. If you're still interested and haven't entered at challonge yet please find the link for that in the OP and do so. If you're not going to make it also please let me know so I can update things accordingly.