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I would hide in a prison, you can lock up zombies, have abilities to gather supplies while in a safe zone, and there are many passages zombies would never think of using.

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@Everyones_A_Critic: Your quote is incorrect, you said, " We're gonna need a bigger boat," while in actuality its, "Your gonna need a bigger boat."
Inglorious Basterds
" I'll suck your cock for a thousand dollars."
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If people do not believe in the theory of evolution they are either super religious, or just a moron. There is no god who decided to make some people pretty, some criminals, some mentally and physically disabled, and some psychotics. Do some research people, the facts are on the internet and in the library, then decide for yourself if the theory of evolution is possible, or if god really wanted to create people like Charles Manson or Michael Bay

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I just watched Kick-Ass and my mind was completely blown away. Post your thoughts below and rate the movie on a scale of 1-5 for Giant Bomb rating purposes.

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Doodle jump, although fun, is overrated. Get Papi jump, it requires a great deal of skill and patience and the main character is a red, smiling ball always looking so happy. Another fun game to play when you are bored with friends is Dots.

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it depends on what you classify " bad graphics," as. 3d Dot Game Heroes is being released in a couple of weeks. The graphical style of that game uses 3d pixels. If someone considers 2d pixel games as having bad graphics, than 3d Dot Game Heroes has bad graphics. This is not the truth though, the game uses old 8-bit or 16-bit graphics and updates them to 3d pixels as an homage to old school games. Occasionally developers use old graphics to influence their art style, producing a very intriguing concept of a game such as 3d Dot Game Heroes.
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If the franchise has been critically hailed, i might play the original games first before the new game comes out. But if the franchise has been very mediocre and the new release is a surprisingly good game i might only play the new game rather than the previous games in the franchise.

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There are too many commercials on tv that need to be taken off the air due to their annoying voices, obnoxious sales tactics, and either terrible acting or overacting. To this day, my least favorite genre of commercials are furniture, car, insurance, cox, beer, medicine, lawyer and attorney, basic store, and musicals.

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@arab_prince: NEVER!!! The video reviews will never die. Just take Mel Gibson's word on the matter:
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