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@TheDeadComedian: You know what I am sorry that was not my intention I am sad he has died.

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@Sooty: That was my point when we eulogise the death of one man over the millions of senseless pointless deaths that occur each year we lessen ourselves making the barbarity of the quote a statement over what shared appropriation of grief means.

Still sad that he's dead though.

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From the picture we can infer Jeff both hates and loves the doctors, loves from Samuel L Jackson, hates from the inclusion of Haden Christiansen, and a prequel trilogy press photo.

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You really don't need a new PC Starcraft 2 wasn't exactly system straining, if you have anything north of a Q6600 quad then you may as well save money and buy a 560ti super overclock and blow the dust out.

Hope there is enough space between this and Mass Effect 3.

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NoelVeiga makes a good point the average working and middle class consumer shouldn't be criminalised for the actions of those with the most power and will to personal wealth in society

Or for the negligence of world governments and the overt criminal practices of multinational organisations that make exploitation possible.

I find it hard to believe that people don't know where there electronic devices come from, then again I've met people who thought that the numerous reality TV shows Simon Cowel is part of weren't scripted, so maybe statements like this are needed.

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@Ygg: Because the money men listen to Pachter, and his views give credence to people with no interest in better management and working conditions for workers in the videogame industry.

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It's cute that some people on this thread think objectivity can exist.

It's terrible that this ever got to the supreme court in the first place, that politicians are exploiting fear surrounding youth in the guise of protecting them is heinous.

Why can't politicians even manage to act like they care about the people they are supposed to be protecting.

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Fines would never affect anyone, a few thousand dollars for an individual chain store is fine, mainly due to the fact that fines like like this almost always cost much more for authorities to enforce, and almost impossible to prove an attitude of corporate neglect and fine parent companies for large amounts of money.

The issue is how this sets legal and legislative precedent discrimination against games.

Critique of this based on first amendment rights is naive though, children in the west effectively have only the right to be owned by their parents or the state not themselves.

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Once my hands got used to the size I loved that controller.

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I just how they're are non lethal stealth takedowns as well, otherwise youd have to use the trank gun all the time. 
Also the original Deus Ex isn't a perfect game, released now simply with updated graphics and never having been released before critics would tear into it.  And although approach remains fluid throughout there are areas of Deus ex that are let down by design and Invisible War actually had a larger number of non combat hub areas than the first game.
It isn't the stat based elements that made deus ex great or the limb damage, it was the free form approach which can be taken to nearly all areas of the game. And the fact that at the time the player had control over some of the story decisions.  
But whatever happens the game will be less than what it could have been because the original was a game of promises of the future of gaming that still haven't been realised, or taken to their logical conclusions. Which would be a game that had a story affected fundamentally by player choice, those choices would feed back into game play and game world and on top of the the player would be free to choose and have the tools to approach each are how they wanted. 

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