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Game of the year. Nothing else comes close.

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My advice is put a stop to their crazy shenanigans now, or they'll think they can pull this shit for the rest of your life. You certainly don't want them behaving like children in front of your future wife or kids.

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What's with all the hate? "Urgh, looks like they're re-releasing one of the greatest games of all time for only 20 bucks. Arseholes." Seriously, sure you may have played it to death as I have, but better modding and modern OS compatibility combined with multiplayer that hopefully might actually work this time around? Count me in. Plus it's a great opportunity for the apparently huge number of people that didn't pick it up back in '98.

To summarise: I know you already bought the game a bunch of times and enjoy running your tutu patches, but stop being douchebags.

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Baldur's Gate 2

Fallout 2

Deus Ex

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@BBQBram said:

"Rocksteady has been known for hiding secrets in plain sight about its next game"

Oh you mean those transcoded secret radio frequencies, the hidden freighter cargo bay and a bunch of other Arkham City easter eggs that quite clearly point to Scarecrow as a major antagonist for the next game? Doesn't necessarily exclude this theory but it seems fishy.

This. Judging by all the easter eggs, the next game would appear to be about Scarecrow terrorising Gotham using cockroaches carrying his fear toxin. It'd be weird if they suddenly turned around and did a prequel instead.

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@Jimbo said:

@CenturionCajun said:
Just to throw my two cents in Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning didn't fail. 1.7 million is pretty good for an unknown franchise. Like was said on the Bombcast EA was ready to sign for Reckoning 2. What failed was 38 Studios finances. They were spending millions a month on an MMO they never showed to anyone.
Everybody lost their jobs and the company filed for bankruptcy. By what metric was Amalur a success?

By the metric that was just said. They apparently sold 1.7 million units and I assume turned a profit for EA and Big Huge Games (I can't find actual global sales figures so for the sake of argument we'll say it's correct.) The problem is that Big Huge Games' parent company 38 Studios was pissing money down the drain trying to make Copernicus, and if they did make a profit they promptly sank it into their US taxpayer-funded money hole.

So, to reiterate. Reckoning could well have been a success. Curt Schilling and his MMO were not. To put it another way, if Coca-Cola the company used all its profits to buy the moon and went bankrupt Coke the beverage would still have been successful and profitable.

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Saying that Borderlands' singleplayer experience is boring is like saying football or monopoly isn't any fun on your own. Obvious and redundant.

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It's an invalid argument. I, for one, really enjoyed Avatar. Sure it's cliched, but I for one would rather watch an old idea executed expertly than an original one executed poorly. The fact is that movies like this cost a buttload of money to produce, so there will always be a place for the lower budget but more well written and intelligent film. Plus, having a system that allows for extremely high budget and special effects heavy films to be made allows for some true classics to be created, like Terminator 2.

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