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Worth It's Weight in Mercenary Gold 0

 In Battlefield Bad Company no one is safe, not that tank, not the gunner behind the sandbags, and defiantly not you. Its destructible environment adds a whole other layer of tactics to the game multiplayer, and a new fleshed out single player campaign doesn’t hurt either.   With its custom frostbite engine Dice allows the player to blow up most everything in the game. Sniper towers can be reduced into ruble with a well place mortar or tank shell. Is that pretty little house in your way? Just...

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Fun but buggy 0

Castle crasher is a game that anybody can love. Being only 5-8 hrs. long its also game that anybody can beat. The animation is nothing less then eye candy, the colors are in your face, and there is also hundreds of little jokes scattered through-out the game. But there and a few minor bugs like, when you buy an animal orb from a store the game will freeze. Castle crasher is the type of game that has infinite replay value. If your in the market for a nice short game Castle Crashers is a smart use...

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Highly addictive 0

    If you take an already awesome game, and give it touch controls you end up with Phantom Hourglass. In Phantom Hourglass you play as well loved character Link, You'll hack and slash your way through well designed dungeons. But there are a few minor flaws like the temple of the ocean king, which you'll find you self dreading to go back that accursed place. At some times the story feels like filler, and it seem a little short. But all and all it is an awesome game (If you have the time for a 10...

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