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But the real question is: how many gargoyles are in Arkham City?

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A little late, but I've recently heard that if you miss a single opportunity to hang out with Ryoji, you outright lose the chance to do so again later, so that's probably what happened to you.
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I wouldn't be surprised if they've had the name in mind for a while, but it seemed like an off-hand remark and I don't remember them referencing the name explicitly until recently, nearly a year since that podcast.
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In the October 13, 2009 Bombcast, they discuss the end of the first run of TANG videos. In reference to movies with video games in them (rather than movies based on video games), Jeff says that they are a "whole... separate universe. It's a wonderful universe, but a separate one nonetheless."

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@Catolf said:
" @Cathryn said:

" Yeah, I saved him.  I couldn't not do it, he's probably my favourite character.  He's in a coma for the rest of the game, unless you're on NG+, then you can get his character ending if you choose to. "

so you have to get a NG+ to get him with the FMC at the end? Is that the same for all the boy's? (i think you get the option of Ken/Akihiko/Shinji instead of Aigis if you choose too.) Or is this just the Slink max thing? "
The first time you play through the game, you get the original ending (with Aigis). On NG+, you can get the different character endings if (I believe) you went with their romance routes.
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The female protagonist has an actual Ryoji S. Link.

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You need to hang out with him at literally every opportunity. If I'm not mistaken, you can only get up to level 9 that way, but a story event later on will bump him up to 10... but that's only if you got him to 9, of course.

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1/31 is the last day you play up to consecutively, so you've got plenty of game left.

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The main character's level, all equipment (weapons, armor, accessories), the Persona Compendium, the Max Social Link items, number of Persona slots, money, and your stats carry over. Additionally, you start off with access to Monad and the Vision Quests, and Officer Kurosawa sells all of the equipment off the bat.
Note that in Persona 4, you don't retain your level or equipment.
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This definitely doesn't always work, but I wouldn't be surprised if it worked more often. At the very least, Yukari is way more likely to start a battle because she uses her bow to hit them from farther away. One of the complaints I heard about removing the ability to equip any weapon as the protagonist was that it also kept the player from having this same advantage.

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