So, a... "blooog"..?

Alright, so this will be my blog... I'm rather new to using blogs, so I dont really know how this will work out, but whatever!
Let's talk about some achievements that piss me off; Achievements that requires far too much luck, or like the multiplayer-achievements in Brütal Legend. I loved the game mostly, but the RTS was not quite my cup of tea. Add to that the fact that they want you to play this, and win, ALOT. Okey, sure, it aint easy and most hard achievements are more fun to have than easier ones, but in this case, I simply leave the game. I get everything single, and then I'm out. Another example would be Spyro, Dawn of the Dragon. Somewhat fun game, but having an achievement that is something along the lines of "Finish the game with 95% of the time being in multiplayer" is just stupid. I have three choises; skip the achievement, do both characters myself (lol), or find a friend that's in the mood for the game at the same time I am.
More on this and other random stuff some other day I guess..? :)