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I loved the choices in that game. Almost every one of them was difficult, and the ones that weren't, had major unforeseen circumstances that made me re-think my approach.

And the final one was fairly obvious to me, I asked her to shoot. I didn't want her to see Lee like that, and I certainly didn't want to risk him going after her. I can totally understand why some people decided otherwise though.

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I have been a hard-sell on 3D as a whole. I don't enjoy it at movies, and I'm not really interested in the home console equivalent either.
But hot damn, I want a 3DS badly. The damn thing looks like a souped-up DS, and it doesn't seem much stronger than a PSP either, graphics-wise.
But I want, nay NEED Zelda in 3D. Oh Nintendo, why can't I quit you?

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Okay, I'll admit, I'm definitely curious.

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I'm despicable.
Okay not really.

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Motaro VS. Comet The Super-Horse!

Just kidding! I could dig seeing Clayface or Metamorpho on the DC side, since they'd have some messed up shape-shifting abilities.

Reptile and Kung Lao seem like the obvious oversights to me.

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Is it wrong that I want to get slimed?

While the gameplay looks pretty cool, the main selling point for me is the fact that this game will more or less be GHOSTBUSTERS 3!!

Written by Akroyd and Ramis, starring ALL the original heroes, and a lot of the supporting cast (Jeanine!), this is as close to a third movie as we'll ever get, and it's perfectly fine by me!

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As cool as the Saiyans are, Piccolo was THE MAN.

And by "man", I mean green, asexual, alien, magician... guy...thing...

Okay, so maybe I'll just switch my vote to Vegeta then. He's a badass and he got it on with Bulma!

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It's kinda neat to think back to Wario's early games on the original Game Boy and see how he went from "the evil Mario" status to his own character, with his own loyal fanbase and distinct contributions to gaming.

Not to mention Warioware's part in giving me twitchy fingers and bloodshot eyes... =P

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As much as I enjoyed the games, the soundtracks alone kept me entertained even longer!

I still hear "Stardust Fanfare" in my head whenever I do something I'm pleased/proud of.

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A lot of lofty promises were made before the Wii came out. Some of them were subtle, but I'm pretty sure many of us expected 1-to-1 motion would eventually show up in our games.

Had I known that such a feat would not be possible in normal games, and would require another unnecessary add-on (which the Wii is starting to become infamous for), I'm not sure I would've loyally and enthusiastically purchased one on launch-day.

What do you guys and gals think of this new bit of hardware?

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