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It did seem that an awful lot of work to be put into a game just to be cancelled. Like I know they've mostly only released cut-scenes, but there was that trailer last year or whenever it was that had a lot of extremely quick gameplay footage and it seemed varied. I hope they chance the name because it's awful. The only tie to FF13 is they're using the same kind of creation story/goddess plot line (which btw, if they'd made more prominent in the first place, might have been cool, rather than burying it in hard-to-get lore and primers)

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I don't want a heroic ending like many seem to, but the problem is at the very best the ending is bad, and at the very least it makes absolutely no sense. I won't keep spreading the link to the essay someone wrote about it as it makes me look like a spam-bot, but look for it, it'll change your perspective. I get both sides of the argument about whether or not Bioware should change it, but the fact is most people want them to and they have the technology to do it in a way you can't with TV or movies. I mean sure you COULD air a 5-minute piece of television a month later and bill it as the new ending to Lost, but that's way crazier than releasing a patch or DLC with an alternate ending for a game. Bioware probably SHOULD stick to their guns and we should all just accept that's how it ended and remember how good the games were to play (ME3 is 5-stars for me), but I can't help but be selfish and want the rumors to be true and for them to release another ending. To be honest I'd be happy with a more fleshed out version of the existing endings, I just felt short-changed by their length and lack of variety.

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When I first beat the game I was nonplussed by the ending in terms of its content and how much it made sense, and left with the impression of "oh, is that it?" It was a bummer, but didn't deflate my overall impression of the game (which by the way is tremendous and I wholeheartedly disagree with Jeff's review. I think it's absolutely a 5-star game, and the fetch quests are poorly done but hardly worth damning the entire game for.)

But then I looked up the two endings I didn't get out of curiosity and became pretty depressed to learn just how similar they are. Seriously, compared to how they are explained to you they absolutely blow. I wasn't surprised to hear a lot of people didn't like the endings but I was shocked to hear just how far people were taking their hatred. I laughed at the people who demanded a sunshine and rainbows ending.

And then I started reading up about it all. Forums, google docs, blogs, all sorts of stuff, and it was only after being confronted by the overwhelming amount of evidence of the game's poor ending that I found myself realising they're correct. The last section of the game makes absolutely no sense and I buy the so called 'ID Theory'.

If anyone has a spare 10 minutes (or so) I absolutely recommend reading this:

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No interest, and that's not just because I'm British ;)

Seriously though, Revelations is just sitting on my shelf, played a couple of hours of it and was bored after loving AC2 & Brotherhood. Series feels a little tired. And I can't imagine free-running in revolutionary times for some reason.

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If they go under it's going to suck and that's coming from someone who works for their competition (HMV). I get that everybody likes to buy stuff cheaper online, but it would be a real shame if we couldn't still walk into a store and browse and walk out with a product immediately.

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I'm shocked this wasn't already on the list of movie games announced years ago that are never actually going to come to fruition.

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I loved Twilight Princess, I truly did. I thought it was better than Windwaker, but it took a while to get going. Them going back to something like Windwaker has me a little bummed out (not that I didn't enjoy WW for the most part).

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@pyromaster222 said:
man I bet an iphone android version of a pokemon game would make BANK!
Saved me some time typing that. It would make a killing. 
I can't be bothered to take my original DS with me everywhere I go, and I'm not buying a 3DS, but if i could just play 10 minutes at a time on my phone? I'd 100% play Pokemon again. But it makes sense with Nintendo's philosophy, they want their own hardware to run their stuff. Hard to fault their business strategy, but it sucks for us a little.
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Over here in the UK games are already age-restricted. You can't buy a game rated 15 or 18 without I.D. stating you're that age. But guess what? GTA and Call of Duty still sell plenty of units.
Apologies if I've misunderstood this article, but are there currently no legal age restrictions on games in the USA? Is it just like music, a recommendation rather than a subject of law?