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@diz: this. As I said before, jeff has better perspective on "the streets" than most black guys I know. These days perspective has far more to do with where you're from than the body you inhabit. I think we would get a much more diverse opinion if they would hire someone from England or Japan then by them hiring a black guy or a woman who are from California. Hell I'm just glad they finally got someone from the Midwest in there.

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"Hey new hire, you're black and there's a black guy in this game. How do YOU think they did?" Ya that would be racist. Jeff has more perspective on "the streets" than most black guys I know anyways lol.

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@president_barackbar: the idea that they are "hanging by a thread" is people projecting their opinion if the current content in the site. A big company like CBSi would not reward failure. If the site was truly hanging by a thread, they would not be approving new hires and opening a new office. They would most likely just shut it down. This isn't some internet start up who put all their eggs in one basket and need it to succeed, this is a large corporation that is all about making money. The fact that the expansion was approved shows me that GB must be doing well.

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Wow, a lot of negativity here. Look at it this way, Dave wasn't always visible in the site but eventually made the transition to being on camera. By the time he left people were saying they couldn't imagine the site without him. Drew came in late and now he is a big part of the site. Things change, people move, but give it a chance before writing the eulogy. Who knows? Maybe the duders jeff brings in will add freshness to the site. Maybe vinny and Alex and whoever starts there will kill it and then we get twice the content. This could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to gb. Sure it COULD be a disaster but let the ship crash before you call it sunk.

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After the P4 ER jeff said they would never do another one and that people asking would make it worse. People kept asking, threads were closed, and guess what? They did another one.

Then after the DP ER jeff said there would never be another one and people asking would only make it worse. People kept asking, threads were closed, and guess what? There was another one.

There will be another ER at some point and people asking does not make it less likely because GB is a BUSINESS and caters to customers. Not doing what your customers want is about the worst business model for a website to have ever. Does it annoy Jeff? Sure! But at some point there will be another ER.

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Oh ok, guess he just changed it from gbjg. Bookmark changed! Thank you

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I know Jeff hasn't been doing much lately on it, but I check it occasionally to see if I missed anything and today it said that there wasn't a channel by that name. Would really suck if he just closed it, some of the archives on there were rad.

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I reupgraded in March and have been waiting for a certain shirt to be back in stock at the store. Well now that it is, the store will not accept my discount code. Who do I talk to about this?

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So I need some advice and this is pretty much one of only 2 communities that I am involved in. Everyone here seems alright for the most part so I thought I would drop this here and see what happens.

I do a podcast for a internet radio network. I won't mention the name because when I mention the name on forums (never this one) people automatically assume I am shilling and either ignore it or report it. We are a 24/7 wrestling network to give some perspective. We do 7 shows, 5 live and 2 taped and have them in circulation when there is no live show on. We are on Tune-in in addition to our own site, have an android app and an iTunes app is in the works. None of us make money or get paid for this, it is strictly, for now, because we have fun doing it.

Now that that is out of the way, we have one problem. We have an ok community size wise, but we seem stuck in a rut where the people who know us are pretty die-hard, listening to or downloading every show, but we can't seem to attract many new listeners. We are in the process of buying some sponsored posts for our fan page on Facebook, but when it comes to twitter and such, we are just lost. Note that most of us are used to things like forums and such. We are mostly in our early 30's with full time jobs and just don't, well, get how to use social networking to our advantage. Forums seem out because if we even mention an outside website we are usually moderated. So that leaves us with Facebook and twitter, which we don't seem to have a grasp on how to use that to our advantage. So I suppose I am here fishing for tips from anyone who has had success in this area. We have a little money to play with, but not a huge amount so keep that in mind.

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How many african americans work for Giant Bomb? Worked for Whiskey Media? Have even been a guest? Work in the games industry? Get on it Patrick!