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Oh ok, guess he just changed it from gbjg. Bookmark changed! Thank you

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I know Jeff hasn't been doing much lately on it, but I check it occasionally to see if I missed anything and today it said that there wasn't a channel by that name. Would really suck if he just closed it, some of the archives on there were rad.

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I reupgraded in March and have been waiting for a certain shirt to be back in stock at the store. Well now that it is, the store will not accept my discount code. Who do I talk to about this?

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So I need some advice and this is pretty much one of only 2 communities that I am involved in. Everyone here seems alright for the most part so I thought I would drop this here and see what happens.

I do a podcast for a internet radio network. I won't mention the name because when I mention the name on forums (never this one) people automatically assume I am shilling and either ignore it or report it. We are a 24/7 wrestling network to give some perspective. We do 7 shows, 5 live and 2 taped and have them in circulation when there is no live show on. We are on Tune-in in addition to our own site, have an android app and an iTunes app is in the works. None of us make money or get paid for this, it is strictly, for now, because we have fun doing it.

Now that that is out of the way, we have one problem. We have an ok community size wise, but we seem stuck in a rut where the people who know us are pretty die-hard, listening to or downloading every show, but we can't seem to attract many new listeners. We are in the process of buying some sponsored posts for our fan page on Facebook, but when it comes to twitter and such, we are just lost. Note that most of us are used to things like forums and such. We are mostly in our early 30's with full time jobs and just don't, well, get how to use social networking to our advantage. Forums seem out because if we even mention an outside website we are usually moderated. So that leaves us with Facebook and twitter, which we don't seem to have a grasp on how to use that to our advantage. So I suppose I am here fishing for tips from anyone who has had success in this area. We have a little money to play with, but not a huge amount so keep that in mind.

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How many african americans work for Giant Bomb? Worked for Whiskey Media? Have even been a guest? Work in the games industry? Get on it Patrick!

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Ding dong

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@Drazat said:

Hate to say it but content has not been upto a great level since the move.If you think it has you are wrong with CBS behind it this site should be doing a lot more i mean the Monday update is done with a handycam and no production values behind it.

When the studio is properly finished, maybe ILM will go back to the way it was, and the current format of the ILM will just be behind-the-scenes types of video. The move and settling may just be taking longer than anyone suspected.

Also hopefully sometime soon, there will be another addition to the GB staff, maybe another video guy or another game coverage/reviewer/journalist or both. Still holding out hope that Rorie will one day be part of the GB crew instead of an honorary member.

This. Jeff has said in Jar Time or Formspring or something that he needs at least 3 more people on staff to run the site the way he wants it. Over at Whiskey they could just use someone from another site, but here they have to tell them why they need to hire someone, get it approved, go through the process, find someone they like, then get them approved by CBS. This in the middle of fighting for equipment and all that. I am sure this isn't an easy transition but the alternative would be, you know, no Giantbomb at all.

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I love when people talk about "when the first started" as if it was some magical, content rich time. Lets go back to Pax '08, the first year.

There ya go, there is all that amazing Pax coverage we got. That and the panel. That video went up on a Thursday BTW. And the panel went up on Wednesday. I was here since the beginning and every year around this time people complain about content. EVERY YEAR. I am amazed that we have gotten the content we have considering the BS they are putting up with at CBS trying to get the right equipment and the redesign done and Jeff's meetings and whatnot.

Things will pick up, stop feeling entitled and enjoy the content we get. Maybe check out another site or 2 during the drought. I recommend Idlethumbs.

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Ok, in a 3 and a half day week last week they had 5 quick looks, a Jar Time, a mailbag and ILM. They left thursday night for PaX. Now I don't know where you are from, so I will just say that this is also a holiday weekend in America, so, considering they were at PaX doing panels and stuff (remember they were doing other peoples panels as well) I am sure they are taking the chance to rest a bit today. If you had gone to PaX, I am sure you would be talking about how hard these guys work to meet their fans and whatnot cause that is what they were dong this weekend. That on top of the fact that nothing came out last week. Now take a breath, calm yourself and go check out some archives.

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Well Action Replay is still around. The DS one sells great at the store that I work at to the Pokemon kids.