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The last time I got rejected I said "That's fine, I'm okay with being just your friend" and otherwise very deliberately avoided any sort of serious emotional investment... mostly because the time before that I got really depressed, made some rather unfortunate comments and ostracized myself from this girl whom I had been friends with since middle school.

The following is not intended to give you false hope, but my first girlfriend, and long time friend broke up rather abruptly (she dumped me, I saw it coming but didn't want to admit it). And then, the next year panned out with me being depressed as hell, lashing out at everyone and just being very emotional in general. She did something that made me feel completely betrayed, and so I cut off contact with a message telling her how I felt. That was it, for about 3 years. Then she added me on Facebook, which was shocking to me because of how "out of the blue" it was. So then I thought about it, accepted and let it settle for a minute. The next day she messaged me and basically said look, I wanna talk, can I come over, so I said sure. When she got to my house, she apologized for the way she acted after the breakup, after some awkward catching up chatter. And you know what? That was all I really wanted from her in the first place. Just an acknowledgement that I had been hurt, and it was pretty much entirely her fault at the time. Both of us had done a lot of growing up since we started dating, so it was pretty much the perfect time. It gave me the confidence and lift that let me go back and put myself out there. I'm single again, but I've been in a handful of relationships since all this went down. I'm better for it, though.

Anyway, sorry for this big ol' wall, but I just knew I could relate. And uh, yeah. Just hold your head up, like Argent said.

Edit: Oh, and it's probably worth mentioning that we're on very good terms now.

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Renegade Ops

And check out Co-Optimus, sort by # of players online.

Smokin' aces, Renegade Ops is the best. And Steam's version lets you play as Gordon Freeman and the muscle car. And if you all are into KB+M shooting, you can't go wrong with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It even has a four player co-op mode, which I think is part of the complete edition at this point (it used to be a 5 dollar expansion).

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Why is the community for [insert almost any game name here] so toxic?

to be fair sonic has a shitty ass fanbase but it's not because it's toxic necessarily.

*Blank* The Hedgehog, aka why DeviantArt is a frightening place!

Better yet, search "GFW Radio Sonic" on Youtube. You'll never be able to look at Sonic fans the same way again.

That bit never gets old. Amazing bit of radio.

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@schlorgan said:

Why is the community for [insert almost any game name here] so toxic?

to be fair sonic has a shitty ass fanbase but it's not because it's toxic necessarily.

*Blank* The Hedgehog, aka why DeviantArt is a frightening place!

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What about Arena, tho

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This is boss as fuck

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I was expecting something way nastier when I entered this thread

If you want nasty, just go to for your hot Brad on Brad action. Only 14.95 a month!

Probably should disclaim that I made the site up. Don't try going there or permutations of it.

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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

The "Class" specializations were a great way to give the game a new way for you to tackle it.

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lmao @development clearly uses the phrase "three chicks held him down and tried to rape him" - you use the term rape and you clearly ain't just talkin' about someone copin' a feel at the bar. i will insult steve as much as i feel like for being a twit who considers rape to be the same as consensual sex when it's female on male.

You aren't being fair or understanding my original statement which was later corrected after other users clarified on grammar and communication. Please refrain from bullying and derailing the OP's topic. That on top of insulting other users is against the forum's rules.

Thank you.

I called you gross because you said a gross thing. I don't feel bad about this and I know the forum's rules, but what you said was still disgusting. You said later on in the thread that you 'extrapolated' that the victim in this situation didn't feel traumatized - but considering the original post clearly use the term rape this excuse seems a hell of a lot like a backtracking when popular opinion turned against you. This wasn't just someone being frisky. This was described as assault and you were completely dismissive.

I saw that you later took back your statement, which is great, but still. Your comment. Was. Gross.

I could see where he might have been confused, even with the word "rape" being used. It's pretty common for some people to use the word where it doesn't actually mean a sexual assault, ie. "I raped him in Halo." I'm not saying the use of the word there is appropriate, just that it is often used in such a way. If the way the sentence was formed led one to think the friend didn't take it seriously, one could also interpret his use of "rape" being in jest. Once you interpret that the one who didn't take it seriously was the listener, then the speaker's use of "rape" becomes serious.

People who use a loaded word like rape in a joking context are also gross and if you hear the word and immediately think of it as a joke you are still gross. Everything is disgusting and we should probably just burn the world down tbh.

Wow. Not budging, eh? Why not take it as an opportunity to give people better context and understanding of terms in the greater lexicon? No, let's just shame them and call them disgusting. Knowledge is power, and education is a tool you can wield at any time you feel it's necessary. Just be sure to treat your pupils as human beings, which is really what this entire topic is striving to do in the first place.

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When someone is clearly homophobic in my clan's server in BF4, I will go out of my way to explain to them why they're not right. And failing that, I will excessively make them uncomfortable by going totally gay in the chat with my fellow clan members. It's hilarious watching those assholes get mad because I'm talking about affection that just so happens to be targeted at other men.