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@patrickklepek: Would be nice to know how/if they plan on doing anything for games that have copyrighted music as their soundtrack. i.e. GTA, Rock Band, Audiosurf.

I can confirm they've muted everything in my recent archive that had licensed tracks. Namely, Burnout Paradise. Whole buncha bullshit, if you ask me.

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@yummylee: I'll be examining this. *looks over screenshots*

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@greggd: hahaha oh man. That's awesome. I remember the Claude figures. Fair enough anyways!

Word up! Seriously, I saw it and said "I must have this".

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As much as I love the GTA 3 trilogy, those games played like dog shit in their day. They've only gotten worse with age.

I feel like there are too many people who forget how just god awful the targeting was in III.

Just because the targeting is awful now doesn't mean the game wasn't amazing then, at least that's where I'm from. And even back then GTAIII was never about shooting. It was about driving and car chases. It was about all the characters and the voice acting and the mission set ups.Introduce a bat to this man's face? Consider it done!

Much of the game's personality is preserved today, even if the aiming isn't great. I just don't think that really matters.

Dude, I am probably the biggest GTA fan on these forums. I bought one of the limited edition Claude figures for 160 dollars, for crying out loud. I know that's not a factor in what makes GTAIII great, it was just an observation.

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As much as I love the GTA 3 trilogy, those games played like dog shit in their day. They've only gotten worse with age.

I feel like there are too many people who forget how just god awful the targeting was in III.

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I prefer the older ones for the simple reason it they retain the true sandbox feel. The newer games sacrifice the ability to wander off, grab a tank early doors and smash a few missions with it.

That kind of exists in GTA:Online, in fact it mostly does. Those missions feel like a true throwback to III. Also, anyone claiming that Vice City was the best is clearly only looking at it from a place in time standpoint. The map was garbage in terms of verticality and variation. Oh boy, one big long drag to drive down, with almost no bumps! Ugh. San Andreas completely fixed that for me with the mountain ranges and countryside, and the new San Andreas state in V is gloriously landscaped. Mt. Chiliad is awesome, and the forests feel true to the nature of real woodsy areas.

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Max Payne for introducing and perfecting bullet-time as a gameplay element (or gimmick, if you prefer). Remedy showed people that spinning camera tricks and slow-motion could be done in games, and actually enhance the gameplay.

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I feel like this is a big issue in 'revenge stories' in general, though especially in video games; the fact that Watch Dogs lets you pull the trigger and give a logical conclusion to the main character's arc at least is a step in the right direction even if the developers seem to not want the player to make that choice.

There are few things more baffling to me and more insulting to both players and the characters in a game's story when, after killing dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of people (hi there Prototype!) with little or no direct relation to the protagonist simply to at last reach 'that man' (or woman) who is the mastermind behind it all and/or personally wronged the protagonist the protagonist at last gets their chance for revenge and walks away. Being the primary antagonist should not be a get out of jail free card.

It's one thing if you are capable of going through the entire game as a pacifist, it's another thing entirely if the player/character has no problem with killing 'less important characters' and then walks away from the one which makes the most sense to kill; it's just outright poor writing.

When I reached Darko in Niko Bellic's story, I chose to walk away. The following car ride with Roman really fleshed out the decision, and I feel like they pulled it off. If you never did it, or don't remember what was said, I recommend going back and watching that scene play out.

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Crysis 3 runs great on my PC. The only other one I can speak to is BF4, and I share your sentiment.