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I like how DICE does it, where they have all the guns you want in the games, but they often use their generic military designations as opposed to manufacturers and the like. I still don't understand why they had to shorten MP5K to M5K, though. I bet it has to do with H&K being a tad bit litigious, and/or having an existing licensing deal in place with Activision/Call of Duty.

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@nightriff: Pretty much every podcast I know of takes about a day to edit. And it's not all just put ad here, work's done. There are portions to edit out, awkward pauses to shorten, and various blemishes not conducive to optimal listening. There are also audio levels to worry about, the export process, etc. Don't assume.

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Faith from Mirror's Edge is Chinese, I wanna say, at least. Hao from GTAV, street racer and mechanic for LS Customs.

Everybody else seems to be on track.

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You've come a long way, baby.

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Sequence breaking is a hell of a thing

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Cockpit or gtfo

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Ugh. I'll probably need to build a whole new rig, at this rate. My CPU is middle of the road, so the bottlenecking will surely be drastic.

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@honkalot said:

Where the hell are all these several gigabyte VRAM specs coming from? First time I ever saw it was for Shadow of Mordor, have I just been out of the loop? Are there even cards with more than 3GB of VRAM apart from the ones that cost like a car?

I have a GTX 770 with 4gb of vram. It was new last year, and cost 430 bucks. Good investment, all told.

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twitchextra life page

and uh, I'll be playing anything I have on my PC, which counts into the thousands, so you'll probably dig something!