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Couldn't agree with you more. I'm not going to even try to make an ending myself because I'm not a gaming company that writes and makes games for a living. Everyone can always do it better. Granted I would of almost taken anything over the original endings, not so much extended cut (don't really like the concept of crucible/3 choices) but its better then 99% of the suggestions you find online. It's easy to find the things wrong with it, its hard to make them right

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You have to make sure shepard survives the final assault on the collector base. He can die if you aren't prepared enough

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Play the series. Its the best video game trilogy of all time, no comparison. Its universe is so intriguing/filled/deep, the characters are so well-written and really keep you emotionally attached, the story is excellent, and game-play is pretty solid as well. Just get it. But be prepared to for a well spent (bare-minimum) one hundred hours of your life. Probably closer to two hundred.

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I'll get it because I love Mass Effect but EA doesn't deserve my money. I believe they were the ones that caused this ending. ME2s DLC was really good so I'm hopeful for ME3 DLC

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Dead Space 2 wasn't even scary it was just weird and a little freaky at some points. Dead Space was scary, the second was lacking. The story sucks too so I will not be buying anyway. Yet, it sounds like adding a co-op won't do anything to single player, so how does this poise for anyone? You can play single player if you wish, nothing is forcing you to play co-op

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If their going to add the game to the Wii U then add the extended cut because its what most the fans on the other consoles liked more anyway. The real question though is why are they even adding the game to the Wii U? As previously stated on 75% of the other comments, anyone who cares about the series and hence the ending has already played the game. Buying just ME3 not having ME1/2 doesn't really make you care. You have to completely change the game and adopt some of that weird tablet stuff into the game which is man hours and money. Then release it on a completely different console. How is this profitable? No one will buy this game on Wii. Maybe its to introduce Wii gamers to the series for when the release the next Mass Effect without Shepard 3/4 years down the line possibly.

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The original endings were a product having to change their "vision" mid-series, only having one person write the entire ending, and probably a ridiculous deadline from EA. Not to say Bioware i free of blame because ultimately it is their product, but they fixed it and honestly if the EC was the original ending i would of loved it. To me Mass Effect is the greatest/deepest/most compelling sci-fi universe to date. Thats saying alot considering how much i like star trek and star wars. The way they get you emotionally attached to their characters is like nothing I've ever seen in any form of media. Only rivalled by the Harry Potter series. If you've invested any amount of time into this series even the original endings shouldnt stop you from loving this series. Playing other video games honestly isn't the same anymore because none of them even come close to mass effect in my mind. Its like a story you never want to end. I can't wait for whatever they have next for the series.

In regards to the refuse ending... Part of me really likes it because I honestly believe the AI "star-child" is flawed. He's a product of the mistakes of i guess you could refer to them as the original cycle. All of his options are flawed (genocide, too much power for one person, and i can't even describe how wrong synthesis is). So part of me wants to give enough knowledge to the next cycle for their people to just beat the reapers outright. But its just not a suiting ending for Shepard. Ultimately i chose destroy because it best defends the needs of the many while not putting the galaxy at excessive risk (trusting one man with the power to control reapers).

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OMG free multiplayer dlc!!! thats the part of the game i care about!

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Honestly i hated the ending but play it. Its the best series and possibly the best game ive ever played

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Give us the ending we want Bioware... We have cake