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I love me some titties and porn and strippers. But that statue is a bit fucking offensive. I'm not speaking specifically about the big ass tits, its the fact that its a woman's torso with the head and arms chopped off. It's fucking cruel, barbaric imagery of women yo. It oozes, "women are fucking meat and nothing more", and that's insulting and demeaning. We gotta get outta that state of mind mutha fuckas.

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So, OP's a fucking pedophile right?

@SL68: I hope all the games like get fucking banned you pervert!

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lots of violence. disjointed plot. Over indulgent dialogue. Ran an hour too long. And I couldn't tell if D'jango was just written poorly or if Jamie Foxx was just playing a terrible slave...

If you want to see a western movie that stars a great black lead character that is strong, smart, likable, looks racism and hate in the face without flinching, a movie with a great plot, great soundtrack, fantastic supporting cast, interesting love story, and if you're not offended with the use of the word nigger....Go see Blazing Saddles. I think its on netflix. There, I just saved you 14 bucks.

or not...*shrug* what can i say.

I agree with every point you maid in that first line. I've never seen blazing saddles so I can't really agree with that. The violence was cool though. Not many funny parts at all. Leonardo Dicaprio killed it on screen, best character, best lines and possibly the best part of the movie. Jamie Foxx was cool too, as well as the German lead, but Leo was the Heath Ledger of D'Jango.

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@psylah said:

@MikkaQ: By grade 6 I discovered that computers could be used to summon infinite pornography.

Needless to say, I ended up in the IT field.

Yeah when you're given that much power in grade 6 it's pretty hard to give it up.

So much power... In the palms of my hands.

There's alot of stuff in the palms of my hands.

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@WilltheMagicAsian said:

Yes, more sensationalist articles please. That's what I come to GB for.

Is not like it's taking away space from what you come for. And it's a valuable discussion to a lot of people, Giant Bomb is not made only for you, shockingly.

Naa, I'm with WilltheMagicAsian on this one.

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Watch Amazon. I got Borderlands 2 for 30 on there earlier today, when it's 45 on Steam for now.

Ooo, good tip.

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I enjoy Fire Emblem, Civ V, risk and DnD, I think I'll like xcom. Buying it. Thanks for the advice gents.

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Xcom: Enemy Unknown is 33.49 for 2 1/2 hours more. DO I BUY IT? I'm told to never buy something day one on steam. On the other hand, I don't know what xcom is but I hear its the tits. Pardon my language.

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Thanks for the answers guys! I had a feeling I was gonna have to do some detective work tracking down all my saves.

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Ok, So I'm planning to format my desktop pc and reinstall my windows operating system. Fresh install. I got about 100 installed steam games, you know, in the computah. My problems is I have saves that I don't wanna lose, skyrim for one. Now I figure some games use cloud saving but not every game. My question is, are my saves for every game all in the Steam>steamapps>common folder?