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#1 Posted by gregSTORM (83 posts) -

Just checked the Kodi add-on and it had the API_PATH variable set to "" which no longer works.

Editing the add-on code to use "" instead fixes it

If anyone feels like doing this, you can open up "C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\\" (or the equivalent path on another OS)

and replace the line:




#2 Posted by gregSTORM (83 posts) -

@gregstorm: Smart idea that! Need to change the font to Segoe UI non-bold for full authenticity.

Indeed. Noticed I was missing a gradient on the Giant Bomb tile too :)

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Threw this together for the Xbox conference

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@ashkev said:

I liked the episode, but please try to refrain from it devolving in to a soap box of how Lost turned out and focus on the episode at hand.

I agree. Maybe they need someone that hasn't seen the show before on as a guest each time to ground them to the current episode. A lot of the discussion on Tabula Rasa broke down to how disappointed they were in the way the show went later on.

As this is a 'rewatch', clearly there's going to be insight on what happens later on in the series, but I feel like the actual plot of this episode was barely touched on.

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@sweep said:

I need a rainmeter thingy for this, that would be really useful :O

I thought this sounded interesting so I made one.

More passive than ChrisHarris', so no alerts, but it should have a link to the chat present when a live show is on. Also, I've never made a Rainmeter skin before so it may or may not actually work :P

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#7 Posted by gregSTORM (83 posts) -

I'm going to miss that "oh-dote-dote-dote!" sound he'd make when in a precarious situation in a game

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#9 Posted by gregSTORM (83 posts) -
Loading Video...

This is sort of the same concept, but with roller coasters.

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@dfl017 said:

@gregstorm: You're the one that cracked the FEZ code too. You are my hero.

Thanks! I love these little gaming mysteries

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