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@gregstorm: Smart idea that! Need to change the font to Segoe UI non-bold for full authenticity.

Indeed. Noticed I was missing a gradient on the Giant Bomb tile too :)

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Threw this together for the Xbox conference

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@ashkev said:

I liked the episode, but please try to refrain from it devolving in to a soap box of how Lost turned out and focus on the episode at hand.

I agree. Maybe they need someone that hasn't seen the show before on as a guest each time to ground them to the current episode. A lot of the discussion on Tabula Rasa broke down to how disappointed they were in the way the show went later on.

As this is a 'rewatch', clearly there's going to be insight on what happens later on in the series, but I feel like the actual plot of this episode was barely touched on.

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@sweep said:

I need a rainmeter thingy for this, that would be really useful :O

I thought this sounded interesting so I made one.

More passive than ChrisHarris', so no alerts, but it should have a link to the chat present when a live show is on. Also, I've never made a Rainmeter skin before so it may or may not actually work :P

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I'm going to miss that "oh-dote-dote-dote!" sound he'd make when in a precarious situation in a game

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This is sort of the same concept, but with roller coasters.

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@dfl017 said:

@gregstorm: You're the one that cracked the FEZ code too. You are my hero.

Thanks! I love these little gaming mysteries

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I present to you junk.bin:

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I started off trying to find my way through the game's assembly, but I got lost almost instantly. I then turned to playing around with editing memory values to try to flip whatever bit caused the slideshow to run. I eventually found where the game was keeping track of the menus, and noticed that one of the values changed depending on which menu you were in. If you edit the value and select a menu on-screen, it would change to the menu corresponding with the memory value, regardless of what you select in the game. After plugging in a bunch of numbers into that address, eventually the slideshow appeared!

It's not as good as getting the code, but it can be accessed by using a gameshark with the code 8013CEBF 0038 and selecting any menu option. I did this with an emulator, so I'm not sure if it works on a N64 hardware.