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@bisonhero: Yeah. It looks like this marketing stunt worked out well for them. So much free and easy publicity for their new update.

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@babychoochoo: I almost drove off the road on my way to work because of that. Thanks Dan!

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I'm going to echo the whole "this is a complete non-story" sentiment... Even before the venturebeat clarification it was still a completely unremarkable story.

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I'm super hyped for halo MCC. I haven't played any halo's after 3 and haven't played the original halos since their releases. So I'm really looking forward to jumping back in with the remastered versions and playing halo 4 for the first time. I also know I can be as hyped as I want because they're tried and true great games soooo yay?

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I really liked playing through Mass Effect 2 and 3 on insane. Did it multiple times (my favourite series of current and last gen). The biotic/tech combo's really become important and the game becomes a lot more tactical once you don't just mow through everything with a single power usage. Also basically all enemies will have barriers, shields or armour so planning ahead to deal with all the damage resists becomes pretty important.

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My first impressions on Xbox One with an hour and a half of playtime:

  • The frame rate, it hurts me. It's one thing to be a solid 30, I'm okay with that but wow does this thing just chug along so hard at times.
  • I do find the lack of any sort of lip sync from the characters in game to the voice actors a little jarring, but that's not why I'm here.
  • Ran into a bug using the alternative control style (so dodge would be where I'm used to). But the offhand switching button will stop switching between two handing a weapon and my shield. My shield will be equipped and on my back, I'll be two handing my sword, but when I go to switch to my shield, it just swaps to fists. I have to switch back to default, switch back to my shield again, and switch back to the other control scheme until it happens again. I've decided to just get used to the default controls.
  • When I first made it to the magical gauntlet shooting thing, the game froze time as if it were showing me a tutorial window, only no window showed up and my game was stuck in this frozen time state, so I had to quit to the main menu and load up again, hope it doesn't happen again when I go back to it.

That being said, I'm really looking forward to getting back into the game tonight after work, I do like the art style, and I'm currently running a rage/warrior build and running around only wearing pants and my weapons so I can fast roll around until I jack up my endurance. Getting used to some of the subtle differences in the feel of the controls compared to DS is taking a bit of time (I play a lot of DS) but the game feels great, and once I get used to it I'm sure I'll enjoy the hell out of it. (That frame rate actually impacts game play IMO, but we'll see how it goes.)

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@nightriff: For me, the change in scenery is all I needed I think. I never really liked the Civ games for their historic settings (I own Civ5 and just reeeeally don't like rolling around on horses and all that). Now I'm starting with space marines, shooting aliens on a different planet and it just seems to make it all click for me. I just finished a play through of the demo to see how I'd take to it, and just the sci-fi change alone is enough to make me instantly like it. Currently downloading the full version.

I hope I get as much out of it as I did with Endless Space.

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I'm a lvl 28 Hunter. I don't notice any significant difference. Lower level players still can still light me up easily, otherwise I think I've been able to one shot lower level players with a body shot from my fully upgraded Ice Breaker sniper rifle. Other than that I haven't noticed anything different in the pvp. (For reference I have 21 hours spent in pvp and over 1600 kills to my name according to the destiny mobile app).

My only real complaint is a loss doesn't grant you any of the new faction rep, so it's just encouraging a horrible environment where many people are just leaving the game at the first sign of a loss and it really sucks to go down 1-3 players within the first two minutes because your team is at a 600 point deficit (which is like, 2-3 kills). It's incredibly frustrating.

Overall the event feels a lot like the Queens Wrath where Bungie is trying their best to make it sound like it's something awesome and new, but it's exactly the same stuff you've already been doing and just adds another rep grind.

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Now they just need to add this wonderful, varied game play to you know, the rest of the game so us plebs who will never have an organized group have something else to do. I'm really liking the game, and have 50 some odd hours in, but its a shame they decided to save the interesting new game play for a raid most people won't get to actually enjoy, but at least it's a start.

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I'm definitely in favour of retiring the buzz word "toxicity" and it's brother "toxic".