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Now they just need to add this wonderful, varied game play to you know, the rest of the game so us plebs who will never have an organized group have something else to do. I'm really liking the game, and have 50 some odd hours in, but its a shame they decided to save the interesting new game play for a raid most people won't get to actually enjoy, but at least it's a start.

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I'm definitely in favour of retiring the buzz word "toxicity" and it's brother "toxic".

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Necroing this blog as I came across it just now:

But I absolutely loved this game when it came out. It's just one of those weird games that seems to be "bad" but for whatever reason I just grabs you and sticks with you. I really liked the dark story and dismal atmosphere of the game (also a pretty damn sweet twist midgame if I may). Man. I played through this fully twice on the PS2 and at least once later on when I got the PC version.

Summoner managed to claw and scrape it's way on to the list of my favourite games of that generation.

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Regarding the age thing, one day bring up how horrible you think your drivers license photo is, and see if she'll show you hers for a bit if a giggle. Check birth dae. Get your answer.

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Man that was an insane run. Loved his outburst when his glitch in the tower went through lol. At first I thought he messed up and was angry, but turned out he was just outright pumped.

Love seeing these crazy runs where the most messed up glitches happen and you're just like "How the hell did anyone figure this shit out?"

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@ares42: Yeah, these things are less confusing and jarring in the book because time is spent setting up and explaining the reasoning behind the characters and their actions. My girlfriend was confused as to how Tyrion seemed to teleport up to the chamber of the Hand. Just a 30 second scene in the show could have set it up much better where Varys is spiriting Tyrion away through the maze of secret tunnels built into the castle, they pass a ladder to which Varys mentions: "This ladder leads to the chamber of the Hand, the very pathway Shae took when she'd sneak in to see you." Show Tyrions face go dark and let him start ascending the ladder. Cut to the scene where he enters the room, and boom! Things are less "wtf?"

Either way, book makes everything clearer and makes the scenes more impactful when you know exactly whats going through the characters minds. I still love the show though lol.

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I found the Hound/Brienne fight to feel odd (besides not happening in the books lol). For a show that's normally fairly realistic with it's portrayal of combat with most people getting chopped down/killed with few blows, watching Brienne and the Hound just beat the shit out of each other for a few minutes with full force gauntlet blows to the face, and face smashing with rocks just felt a bit over the top.

Overall a good episode. As mentioned earlier, the Tyrion scene felt rushed. The books gave so much more insight and purpose to the whole scene that was lost by trying to shove it into the last few minutes of the show, but regardless you can't help but cheer for Tyrion finally skewering his father after years of torment and treating him like shit his whole life.

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If you care, one little detail that @do_the_manta_ray left out was that: Oberyn poisoned his spear blades. They show this as well right before the fight scene with Oberyn's squire is wiping down his spear blade with a rag. Basically this leaves Gregor Clegane to die a slow, horrific and painful death after the fact. I mean, really brutal and terrifying stuff happens to him because of the poison. So yay! Right?

Oh, and regarding Nathalie Emmanuel not wearing clothes. It's kind of awkward knowing the character she plays is like, 10-11 years old by this point. (Her character is only 10 when coming into Daenerys service in the books). I swear all the ages in the books for any of the younger characters is really fucked.

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I've definitely lost most of my interest in the show now. The Oberyn/Tyrion/Lanister plot was one of the last plots I gave a damn about. Dany and the unsullied are boring as all hell, and nothing of interest is happening there. Brann and crew I can't care about because they've done nothing in two seasons beyond walking somewhere to do something. The nights watch stuff? Meh. Brianne and pod? Who cares. The plot feels too scattered now and I feel like all the episodes are running into shitty soap opera territory with 2-3 minute scenes with every set of characters, saving the last 10 minutes for a scene that grinds the story forward in some actually meaningful way.

Tyrion is the only thing left for me now it feels lol. Though I am moderately interested in what happens in both Stark daughters stories.

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@hollitz: Yeah I watched that video the other day, and I think he makes excellent points, the majority of which I'd taken note of personally while playing myself. I just don't feel the magic this time around. I feel like they basically tried a by-the-numbers recreation of DS1 by using some master checklist of things people liked about DS1, but ultimately failed without the original directors vision tying it all together.

On topic though. Yes, throughout my time with the game I was hit and died many times (and was furious about it) by attacks that straight up didn't connect at all with my character. And the tracking looks odd. It adds a bit of extra difficulty as you have to time your dodges ever so slightly more , but it just looks a little foolish with mobs sliding without animation with their two feet planted before the tracking stops as the swing goes through. They could have animated some sort of stepping animation or something for the enemies while they're tracking you like that and it would have done wonders and not seemed so odd.